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The 9th Edition of the Tunis Village Pottery and Handicrafts Festival is Just Around The Corner

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The 9th Edition of the Tunis Village Pottery and Handicrafts Festival is Just Around The Corner
    written by
    Kareem Sheta

    Featured image via Tunis Village – Facebook


    “Making something out of nothing.” A gift that many people possess, particularly the talented pottery craftsmen of the village of Tunis in Fayoum. According to their Facebook page, these artists “preserve our Egyptian heritage through authentic pottery-making; to shed light on their untold stories and promote their handiwork locally and internationally.”

    The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization writes about how pottery is one of the oldest crafts in Egypt. Based on relics and artefacts from the Neolithic period, pottery making has been around since before Ancient Egyptians were settling in. It is truly amazing how they transformed finely-grained soil, such as clay, into stunning designs and models of ceramic, using nothing but a simple potter’s wheel.

    As bearers of tradition and legacy, we must always celebrate our practice of pottery making by not only continuing the art form, but also displaying the products to the public to inspire aspiring artists. The Tunis Village Pottery and Handicrafts Festival, from the 7th until the 10th of November, is the perfect place to do that! For its ninth year, the people of Tunis Village will “showcase the arts and handicrafts that have made the village a much-loved local gem”, according to their page, which makes it quite the tourist attraction. The event will include other entertaining activities, such as pottery production, pottery exhibitions, workshops, and puppet theatre shows.

    Be sure to check out the event on the Cairo 360 Events Page for more information and don’t miss the chance to bask in the ambiance and beauty of Fayoum.