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Up-and-Coming DJs You Need to Hear

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Up-and-Coming DJs You Need to Hear
    written by
    Nesrien Abdelkader
    Via BPMSupreme

    Make this summer even hotter with some fire beats! Cairo’s latest and greatest DJs are just who you need to get the party started. These young entertainers are redefining the music scene as they headline house parties, get the crowd moving at celebratory events, and perform alongside Egyptian rap royalty. Here are four up-and-coming local DJs that you won’t want to miss.  

    Issa & Assouad @issaandassouad

    This seriously talented duo is taking Egypt’s entertainment scene by storm! Issa & Assouad are DJs and music producers based in Cairo, and they’ve been releasing some of the hardest hip-hop beats we’ve ever heard. The pair have hyped up enormous crowds with their DJ skills and worked with some of the biggest names in Egyptian rap. They’ve performed at Cairo Jazz Club, Cairo International Stadium, and opened for Wegz in Family Park. Don’t forget to check out their recent ad for Pepsi featuring the rapper.   

    Zinkie @zinkie10

    His style combines trending commercial, hip-hop and pop music with a mix of contemporary Egyptian rap and beats. Since his emergence three years ago, Zinkie has played house and cabin parties, hotspots like Monkey Bar and Olivo, and worked with entertainment agencies, including Quality Venture and VVS Entertainment. AUCians will also recognise him as their resident DJ for major events like Cap n Gown. With his fire music selection, clean transitions, and outstanding effects, Zinkie brings good vibes to any event.     

    Mekki @youssefmekki 

    DJ Mekki has been dropping beats since he was just a high schooler and has gone on to perform at tons of celebrations, including over 40 international school events and proms. He also opened for Afroto when he performed at New Giza University and was part of Cairo Scene’s Fresh Meat “Rapper’s Edition” at Cairo Jazz Club last January. Of course, you couldn’t have missed him at the last three Shababco events either. His music is an electric mix of commercial hits, hip-hop, R&B, and all your favourite throwbacks. 

    NEDZ @nadaasherdy

    Call DJ Nedz next time you really want to get the party going! She plays everything from R&B and hip-hop to Afrobeats and Reggae, and loves to fuse everything together with a bit of Egyptian rap. You can usually catch Nedz at The Tap or Cairo Jazz Club, and she’s opened for big names like Marwan Pablo at his recent Cairo Jazz Club gig, as well as opened and closed for Novo at his shows. If you want to hear more, Nedz has a monthly radio show residency on Plus 1 Radio and posts mashups and remixes on her TikTok.