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Where to Learn Dancing in Cairo
written by
Nada Medhat

There isn’t that much that we know about our history as humans, but we know this: For as long as we’ve eaten and drunk, talked and walked, we danced. The oldest proof of the existence of dancing comes from the 9000-year-old cave paintings in India and the 6000-year-old tomb paintings in Egypt. Transmitting cultures, time and gender, dancing has always been one of the main forms humans express themselves. It’s inherent, yes, but dancing is a sophisticated art form, which is why we’ve created a guide for you to kickstart your dancing journey.

Arthur Murray Dance Studio

With over 40 million students in 270 dance studios across 22 countries, Arthur Murray Dance Studio is definitely one of the most professional dance studios operating in Egypt. Located in Stella Compound, New Cairo, the place has a century’s worth of experience on its back! Arthur Murray International Inc is America’s second-oldest franchise organization with many innovations in its history. From the classical waltz to sensual tango, they teach a large variety of dance styles either for couples or singles. They also offer special wedding dance classes to impress everyone on your big day!

Prices differ depending on a number of factors including how good you want to be, what dances you want to learn and your dance schedule, but generally, the private Lesson & consultation packages cost  250 EGP  for Singles and 450 EGP for Couples.

Danzone Studio

Founded in Heliopolis in 2010, Danzone had steadily and completely established itself as one of the leading dance studios in Cairo. it offers group classes, private classes and choreography for events. it also has various dance styles ranging from Contemporary, Hip-Hop to Ballet and Tap Dance.


In such a competitive time when any and everything we want to do has to be approached through thinking that we must be the best at it, it’s refreshing to have a dance centre whose policy lays around the community, enjoying dancing and appreciating dancing as an art form rather than have it be something to compete in. Located in Al-Maadi near Carrefour, Danssabeel offers a variety of dance classes that don’t need a high level of commitment. Their programs include Egyptian Folklore, Contemporary and Classical training as well as somatic and strength training to ease the body to dance.

DANSATION “Dance Arts Studio”

This Mohandseen’s Studio is all about professionalism. Priding themselves in their professional instructors, Dansation offers a free welcome class to introduce you to the variety of styles and classes they offer which include Tango, Salsa, Rumba, Samba, Tap dance and Hip Hop as well as others. They also offer dance certificates if you want to later prove your proficiency.

Forever Young Dance Studio

Forever Young is relatively new compared to the others on the list. It was only created four years ago, but in those four years, the place well proved its professionalism and love of dancing. A love so strong their mission is to infect everyone with it. Located in Heliopolis, Forever Young offers a variety of classes to both beginning and advanced dancers.

Pole Fit Egypt

Pole Fit, located in Qasr El-Nil, is revolutionary in the simple fact that they are the first-ever place in Egypt to teach pole dancing. Nearly a decade old, having started in 2013 with only one passionate pole dancer and 4 students, Pole Fit has grown to both introduce Egyptian women to the wonders of pole dancing and remove the negative connotations associated with it, and to educate the market of its association with fitness and body discovery. You don’t need to have a certain age or weight to start with them.

Soul Motion Studio

A decade old, this studio was founded by Salsa experts who opened this place specifically to teach Latin dances and have since expanded to include a larger variety of dance styles. Located in Mohandseen, they offer classes in Salsa, Bachata, Urban Kiz, Hip-hop, Folklore, Pilates and Zumba. Salsa remains what they do best with their team performing in dance festivals in various different countries.

Brass Monkeys Studio

In addition to workout, fitness and flexibility classes, Brass Monkeys Studio offers a diverse set of dance classes such as Salsa, Afro, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Bachata, Hip Hop, Belly Dancing and Adults Ballet. Their prices start with EGP 800 for 4 classes accessible to all dance styles. They’re located in Lake House, New Cairo.

Adams Dance Studio

Located in New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed, Katemya and Hydepark, with professionally certified trainers and many genres including Hip Hop, Contemporary and Salsa), Adams Dance Studio really proves its message: that it can be for everyone. Operating for six years now, they also offer intensive programs to become a professional dancer as well as private and wedding packages.