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CIC Initiates Open Content/ Open Source Reading Group

CIC Initiates Open Content/ Open Source Reading Group
    written by
    Aleksandra Sekinger

    In a world where there is so much creative exchange regarding music,
    images and ideas; where do the lines of creative license start and end? If
    you’ve ever been interested in the concept of creative commons in a
    contemporary art context, we suggest you join the new reading group that CIC is
    initiating in July 2010, called Open Content/ Open Source Reading Group.

    ‘Open source’ is a computer programming term, where programmers leave
    the codes for their software open for others to copy or make their own software
    adaption from. Anybody or indeed everybody is the author, owner, giver and
    taker of this software.

    Applying the same concept to the art world; art and music have always
    borrowed generously from each other and experienced various stages of influence
    and adaptation. The reading group will address the critical question of ‘why
    then do we still think of an artwork as a single object that is owned, created
    and profited from?’

    Organised by CIC’s new artistic director Mia Jankowicz, Salma Abutaleb
    and Ahmad Gharbeia, the group will explore issues such as media piracy,
    collaborative art production, multiple authorship and artist copyright versus

    Readings will include Why Software Should Not Have Owners by
    Richard Stallman, Introduction to The
    Author as (Digital) Producer
    by Geoff Cox and Joasia Krysa and Roots Culture: Free Software Vibrations Inna
    by Armin Medosch.

    There is a series of themes to follow, but CIC wants to leave the path
    of discussion open for the readers to direct and define. The majority of the
    texts are in English while some key texts might be translated into Arabic.

    The reading group will tentatively meet once every two weeks from July
    to September 2010. For more information or to sign up for the reading group,
    please contact the CIC.