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Grab Your Ramadan Drinks from These Five Spots

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Grab Your Ramadan Drinks from These Five Spots
written by
Dina Mokhtar

Featured image via Lychee


With the quarantine confining us at home, we’ve been bestowed the gift of time to uncover our natural culinary talents. We made our way to the kitchen on a venture to make one of those delicious Ramadan classic drinks, only then do we discover our lack of that magic touch that makes a drink, well, drinkable.

So we’ve decided to go back to basics, and do what we’re best at, which is creating a list of places that delivers you the all-time favourite classics to your doorstep:


In addition to its extensive Ramadan menu that includes innovative variations on the season’s classic desserts, The Bakery Shop also offers three traditional drinks that come in a one-litre bottle at the price of 45LE each; tamarind, doum, and hibiscus. Order by calling 16679.


The renowned local juice bar boasts a broader selection that comes in two sizes; a litre bottle, and 330 ml. You’ll find doum, tamarind, carob, and hibiscus, each at prices of 30LE and 15LE – according to bottle size, as well as sobia (40LE and 20LE). A litre of qamar el din is 60LE, while a 330 ml bottle is 25LE.

 The menu also offers a host of offers on the various drinks, where you get three for the price of two. Check the whole range and order online through Lychee’s website.


Among Gourmet’s huge selection of readymade items, comes a variety of 750 ml bottles that includes qamar el din (95LE), doum (65LE), tamarind (60LE), and hibiscus (50LE). You can order through Gourmet’s website.


The Lebanese restaurant’s Dekkanet Caracas, the boutique that sells a range of quality Lebanese ingredients, offers the Levantine Ramadan classic beverage, Jallab in a 500 ml bottle at 130LE. For those who are not acquainted with the drink, it’s a mix of dates, carob, grape molasses, and rose water. You can have it delivered by calling on 01097543679, or 01097436567.


The juice and healthy food shop has a range of Ramadan drinks, offered in a litre bottle. Choose between classics like carob, doum (45LE), liquorice (40LE), sobia (85LE), or strawberry hibiscus (45LE). Glow also has a selection of Ramadan desserts, including jars of qamar el din, and walnuts & date mousses at 65LE and 75LE respectively, in addition to a host of Konafa parfaits.

Check the whole lot on the website, where you can shop your favourite drink as well.