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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2016: Ice-Cream & Dairy Award Winners

The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2016: Ice-Cream & Dairy Award Winners
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    Cairo 360

    Around 200 BC in China, a genius of a human being made a mixture of rice and milk and packed it inside snow to freeze. From this, the foundations of what we now know as ice-cream was born. There have, of course, been several centuries of development and adaption till we got to what we have today, but what is largely a very simple food, enjoys plenty of popularity in Cairo.

    This can be seen in the number of ice-cream parlours, and more recently, frozen yoghurt specialist in the capital, but the winners of this year’s Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards are by far and above the best when it comes to quality, variety and consistency in both of those things.

    Allora Gelateria

    The Maadi crowd can be difficult to please, but Allora Gelateria’s homemade Italian gelato has been something of a hidden gem in the area. Serving up some deliciously rich and varied ice cream flavours and creations, expect Allora to be busy this summer.

    Frozzy Twist

    With several branches across Cairo, ad several more on in locations across Egypt such as Porto Marina and even Port Said, Frozzt Twist appeals to the more experimental side of things, with some weird and wonderful ice cream creations. More importantly, though, is that what they serves is every bit as elaborate in flavour as is in appearance.

    Gelato Mio

    One Cairo 360 writer wrapped up a review of Gelato Mio with a very straightforward statement: “An overall excellent experience; one we repeated the very next day.” We’re not the only ones who keep going back to the Zamalek ice-cream shop, which brilliant flavour combinations (fig and ricotta anyone?) and remarkable sorbets.

    Mandarine Koueidar

    While enduring local chain, Mandarine Koueidar, churns out plenty of traditional Oriental sweets, it has long been popular for its ice-cream and sorbet. The chain’s knack for producing excellent frozen treats was has been further expanded in recent rimes, with the chain also having opened up several restaurants, which in turn added more variety to the ice-cream repertoire.


    Impossible to miss on an otherwise fairly demure road in Zamalek, Rigoletto – named after the Verdi’s 1851 operatic masterpiece – backs its very bright, very bold and very colourful facade, with equally bright, bold and colourful ice cream – their ice creams cake are particularly good.


    Serving many a cinema-goer at Nile City Towers, Scoops is small in size, but big in personality, and is also run by IRG – the company behind Zeitouna Lebanese Bistro and Casper & Gambini’s. The success and popularity of both restaurants has seemingly transferred to Scoops, as evident by its excellent gelato and delicious frozen yoghurt.


    Stavolta has essentially become a household name – in the realm of ice cream, at least – and its reputations is owed the unrivalled quality of its ice creams and sorbets, as well as their excellent ice cream cakes. Throw in the rotating, seasonal flavours, and you have one of the best ice cream parlours in Cairo.


    As one of the first of many frozen yoghurt specialists to arrive in Cairo, Yoggy’s has stayed head and shoulders above the rest thanks to its quality. It’s difficult to pull out any glaring differences between what you’ll find at Yoggy’s and what you’ll find at its competitors, but it wins ahead of the rest for its consistency and veriety.

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