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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2021: The Best Bakery Shops & Confectionaries in Cairo

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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2021: The Best Bakery Shops & Confectionaries in Cairo
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Cairo 360

Mastering the art of baking is not a piece of cake, but the following seven bakeries produce fresh goodies that we can almost smell from here.

Whether it’s the perfect piece of croissant, a delightful dessert, or an apple pie that would gain Snow White’s seal of approval, the winners below offer the best of the best baked items that have become everyday essentials.

The Four Fat Ladies

Proving that packing on a few extra kilos should not be shamed whatsoever, The Four Fat Ladies’ signature creamy texture and moist creations are evident in every single order. We bet you could use an iced latte with a cookie right now.


Everything from mini sandwiches on the go to good ol’ Feteer Meshaltet is on the menu at Coppermelt. And those cake pops? A must-try!

NOLA Cupcakes

Famous initially for creating otherworldly cupcakes, NOLA branched out to offer all kinds of sweet creations. Proving that a small business can defy the expectations, the dessert shop offers a colourful spectrum of cakes, macaroons, and, you guessed it, cupcakes!

Salé Sucré

A simple scroll through Salé Sucré’s Instagram is sufficient to establish it as the top destination for sweet tooth cravings, so you can only imagine what digging into a chilly ice cream cake on a hot day will do. No need to imagine; just go ahead and place an order.

Ralph’s German Bakery

Filled with turkey, cheese and pineapple, the Laugen Hawaii combines flavours that you might not have had before. The fresh pretzels by Ralph’s, along with nut rolls, Bavarian goodies, almond croissants, and scrumptious German breakfast, are what makes the bakery truly stand out.


Doubling as a beautiful location to have a laid-back conversation, Paul delivers high-end items ranging from smoked salmon sandwiches to doughnuts oozing with jam and Galette Des Rois that is fit for kings and queens.


You can’t think of bakeries without mentioning The Bakery Shop (TBS). The go-to location for hot coffee coupled with muffins, brownies, croissants, and all that your heart desires. You can also go home with frozen treats to make yourself just in case those midnight cravings hit strong!