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12 Most Popular Cairene Landmarks That You Need To Visit!

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12 Most Popular Cairene Landmarks That You Need To Visit!
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When you first think of Cairo, the first thing that pops into your head is the Pyramids. But that’s through no fault of your own, though, as everyone tends to equate anything about Egypt with its ancient history. However, Cairo still has a lot to offer us in terms of history and landmarks, whether they’re Coptic, Islamic, modern, or otherwise.

So, what are the multifaceted landmarks that we’re certain you’ll fall in love with? Allow us to regale you with an entire list of them. By the end of this list, you’ll see why people come from all over the world to bask in our beautiful capital’s sun.

1- Bayt al-Suhaymi

A testament to the breathtaking architecture found all over Cairo, Bayt al-Suhaymi is comprised of multiple buildings that circle around an expansive courtyard. Adorned with wooden mashrabiyyas and a large seated balcony, this landmark was founded by Sheikh Abdalwahab Al-Tablawi and was eventually bought by Sheikh Shihab Al-Din Al-Suhaymi.

2- The Cairo Tower

Considered the tallest tower in Egypt and all North Africa until the beginning of the ’70s, the Cairo Tower will amaze you if you haven’t already visited it. Once at the tower, go to the highest point, and you’ll have all of Cairo in front of your very own eyes and, at night, the lights of the city will dazzle you!

3- El Moez Street

Taking a walk at El Moez Street is like walking through the history of Cairo! With lots of astounding Islamic architecture that will blow your mind, this street has tons of shops with authentic Egyptian decorations and souvenirs. If you’re looking for nightly hangouts, then you’ll find all you need and more there too.

4- Khan El Khalili  

This place is most definitely one of the biggest bazaars in Egypt and just so happens to be filled with everything and anything you will ever need! From jewellery and Egyptian clothes to decorations, you’ll find it all at Khan El Khalili. Originally a one-way street, it’s now so diverse in many ways with different buildings and streets that implore you to check the whole bazaar out in a day!

5- Ibn Tulun Mosque

A heavenly sight made entirely out of bricks in the 9th century, Ibn Tulun Mosque is considered the oldest mosque in Egypt. Built by Abbasid governor of Egypt Ahmed Ibn Tulun, the mosque has five lengthy aisles of red brick with excellent carvings. It’s absolutely magical, and you will surely love every single thing you see there.

6- Mogama’ Al Adyan (The Religious Complex)

Uniting all three Abrahamic religions, the Religious Complex includes mosques such as the Amr Ibn El Aas Mosque (one of the oldest mosques in Egypt), as well as multiple churches, such as the Hanging Church, which also happens to be one of the oldest churches in Egypt.

The complex also hosts the Jewish synagogue that is the Ben Ezra Synagogue, which is the place where baby Moses was believed to be found. Once you visit the complex, you’re set to explore many stories you have never heard before, and they’ll blow you away.

7- The Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum is considered a historic landmark in Downtown Cairo, as it is one of the oldest museums in the Middle East and one of the most popular sights in Egypt. The museum holds treasures of the Ancient Egyptian era, but it’s not limited to that. It also has a Roman section from the Greco-Roman Era and much more.

8- Zeinab Khatoun

A place that was made for the women who were wounded and injured due to the French Invasion, Zeinab Khatoun protected and saved tons of people. It belonged to a woman called Zeinab Khatoun who stood in the way of injustice in this beautiful place. Its architecture is another wondrous aspect that keeps drawing in tourists.

9- Deer Samaan El Kharaz (Saint Samaan, The Tanner Monastery)

A gem in the Mokattam mountain, Deer Samaan El Kharaz had a miracle happen in it—all because of a man called Samaan. Located beside Garbage City near the Mokattam hills, this landmark houses five churches and has a cave church that is so dazzling you’ll have a hard time tearing your eyes away.

10- Cairo Citadel (Salah El-Din El Ayoubi Castle)

Even though the Cairo Citadel has undergone many modifications due to the numerous rulers who have been housed by it, it is still as charming and appealing to the eye as it ever was. The castle is sectioned into many parts, including the Mohamed Ali Mosque and has several museums inside.

11- Baron Empain Palace

If you’re anywhere near Heliopolis, then you should definitely visit the Baron Empain Palace! Designed and inspired by Hindu temples (which is why it’s also sometimes called the Hindu Palace), this palace came into being through the Belgian billionaire Baron Edouard Louis Joseph Empain, who fell in love with the designs of Hindu temples. This palace was also designed to have the sun shine into every room, which adds to its mysterious stories, no doubt.

12- Asr Abdeen (Abdeen Palace)

Originally built for the royal family, Abdeen Palace is one of the most alluring places to visit in Cairo. With 500 rooms and a spacious, beautiful and serene garden, the palace was initially built under Khedive Ismail’s orders. Nowadays, it’s used as a presidential working space and sometimes hosts cultural events as well as being its own museum.