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Cairo 360 Turns Nine This Month!
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Cairo 360

It’s the time of the year again, when we sit back, relax, and reflect upon another year that has flown by. We know it’s not New Year’s Eve, yet it’s another year for us here at Cairo 360: The Definitive Guide to Living in the Capital. Can you believe we’ve been around for nine years now?

You might say that we’re growing old, but the way we look at it is slightly different; we are just growing, and we owe it to that crazy big city called Cairo where every nook and cranny hides a thing or two that’s worth exploring.

Other than the good-old gems that keep on surfacing when we brush the dust off, Cairo also constantly feeds our adventurous souls with everything new that is worth reviewing too; ceaselessly showing us fresh and original experiences that cover almost every aspect of life, including dining, shopping, entertainment, and hospitality. See? Cairo is what we are all about, and we take pride in it.

We are getting a little emotional here, so let us distract ourselves by telling you how we are going to celebrate our 9th anniversary. On Wednesday, March 20th we will drop everything, put on the slickest outfits and head to Cairo Jazz Club in Agouza, where DJ Ramy DJunkie is set to meet us there to get the party started.

And oh, you’re invited too, so mark your calendars, and get ready of a good-time-guaranteed night.