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Cairo Weekend Guide:‎ Mazaher, Strawberry Swing, Egyptian Project & More…

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Cairo Weekend Guide:‎ Mazaher, Strawberry Swing, Egyptian Project & More…
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    Here comes the last weekend in Ramadan, hold on folks, it’s only a matter of days before we get back to our morning coffee, and everything else falls back in place. Here’s what Cairo is offering during the coming few days:

    Thursday, begins with a gala concert at Cairo Opera House’s Small Hall, which sees the Cairo Symphony Orchestra taking to the stage to play a round of all-time favourite movie soundtracks, a folk night at El Dammah Theater courtesy of Rango, and another at Darb 1718, where Mazaher take to the stage for a round of zar tunes.

    Elsewhere, it’s a Sufi night at 3elbt Alwan with Egyptian Project performing, and an Oriental music night at ROOM Art Space, where Abu Zaid & Friends cover songs by Fairouz, Abdel Wahab, Sayed Darwish, and more.

    When it comes to Ramadan tents, Mostafa Haggag is the star of the night at Cairo Festival City’s El Khema, Abdel BasetHamouda sings various sha’by tunes at Sky Executive Resort’s El 7ara, while Sheraton Cairo’s Zad sees a special folk night, called MouledNight.

    On Friday, Strawberry Swing hit the stage at ROOM Art Space to cover a round of tunes by Coldplay, El Hadra take charge of music at Alrab3, chanting a round of religious tunes on stage, while Cairo Symphony Orchestra plays various classical pieces at Cairo Opera House.

    When the night grows older, Mahmoud El Esseily sings some pop music at Sky Executive Resort’s El 7ara, Mahmoud El Leithy sings a round of tunes at Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski’s Bab Al Qasr, while it’s an open-mic night at Darb 1718, which also sees a stand-up comedy show, courtesy of Al Hezb El Comedy.

    When Saturday comes, Asyad El Zar will be playing a host of folk tunes, Sorour Project plays a round of songs at 3elbt Alwan, while ROOM Art Space, and Hakawy El Nile host the screening of the Champions League final.

    That’s just the tip of the iceberg, check the Cairo 360 Events page for more things to do and places to go this weekend.