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Egypt’s Cairo University Advanced by 14 Places on the 2019 Spanish Scimago Classification for Universities

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Egypt’s Cairo University Advanced by 14 Places on the 2019 Spanish Scimago Classification for Universities
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It’s no secret that good education has the power to change a life. What is considered to be fairly new is how international discourse surrounding education has transformed over the years. Indeed, the global conversation surrounding education is no longer just about providing a certain quality of education, nor about providing equitable access to the system as a whole; it is about creating educational systems that ensure the creation of genuine positive change for future generations by teaching students how to think, not what to think.

At the opposite end of these conversations, however, come some harrowing statistics: one in every five adults lack the written communication skills they need in order to develop in life, and 57 million more are in dire need of education.

Here’s a positive piece of information: Egypt’s Cairo University advanced by 14 places on the 2019 Spanish Scimago classification for universities, among 6,459 universities worldwide! According to the Scimago 2019 listings, Cairo University ranked 299 globally in the research factor category, ahead of many international universities such as The University of Warsaw (300), Washington State University of Pullman (301), The Max Planck Institute of German Chemistry (301), and The University of Stuttgart in Germany (302).

Accordingly, President of Cairo University, Dr Mohamed Al-Khest, expressed his pride towards the great success the university has established during the past decade. Additionally, he has also stated that it’s been a great honour that the university has surpassed the world rankings of various well-renowned universities, such as The University of Kentucky Health Care (508), The California University Health Care at Irvine (509), The Northeastern University of China (513), and The University of Cag in Turkey (542).

Cairo University is not the only higher educational institute or Egyptian research centre that has been included in the ranking; The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology ranked 579 internationally, and 2nd among the Egyptian research bodies and universities. Moreover, the National Research Centre ranked 3rd in Egypt and 596th globally, while Ain Shams University ranked 4th in Egypt and 605th globally.  Regarding The University of Alexandria, it made it to the 5th place in Egypt and 620th globally, while Mansoura reached the 6th in Egypt and 631st across the globe.

We are certainly proud to see our beloved Egypt take such amazing steps forward.