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Glam-ping: Camping but Make it Glamorous

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Glam-ping: Camping but Make it Glamorous
    written by
    Nesrien Abdelkader

    Sleeping under the stars has been totally redefined. Remal el Rayan is bringing glamping to Egypt with the first-ever luxury desert camping experience in Fayoum. 

    In case you haven’t heard of it yet, glamping is a term made by combining “glamorous” with “camping.” It’s one of the latest and hottest trends for travellers. For those of us who have always been interested in camping but can’t deal with the whole outdoors part of it, glamping gives you the opportunity to go in style.  

    Situated in the heart of the desert is an oasis with lavish accommodations and a chic minimalistic style. This unique concept combines the vast beauty of the Sahara desert with the comfort and amenities that you would typically enjoy at a hotel.  You can find this one of a kind camp in Wadi El Rayan, a unique nature protectorate. 

    No other camp could come close to the luxury you’ll experience with their innovating

    architectural tent structures that come with a private jacuzzi and two private showers each. Deluxe geodomes offer a smaller space, but maintain access to all the facilities you could need.  The neutral colour scheme evokes a sense of calm and blends in with the beauty of the natural landscape. 

    Guests can partake in a full day of activities whether you want to go horseback riding at sunset, have an adventurous Jeep safari trip, sandboard along the dunes or dive into the magic lake to cool off. You won’t have a dull moment at Remal el Rayan. 

    There’s no need to try and catch your own food or start a fire on this camping trip! Remal el Rayan has their own restaurant Lummayya, which means “the water” in the local Bedouin

    Dialect and takes inspiration from their community for its ambience and cuisine. Their menu is a fusion of flavourful traditional Bedouin dishes alongside an array of international foods. 

    Friends and family will be awe-stuck by the elegant dining area on your trip. Gorgeous wooden and bamboo chairs can hold up to 85 guests indoors while the charming outdoor seating area can fit up to 100 people in lounges, dining tables and  Bedouin set-ups with cushions for ultimate comfort. Spend your evenings in total bliss sipping tea or roasting marshmallows in front of the fire. 

    You can just spend the day at Remal el Rayan or choose to stay the night. Their stylish modern rooms and suites await you and offer an escape from the rest of the world for a night. Rates for standard rooms are LE 2400 for a double room on weekdays and LE 3000 on weekends including bed and breakfast. You could also book a beautiful double suite with amenities like a mini-bar, kettle, espresso machine and wardrobe for 

    If you’re ready to go off the grid with some glamour, book with Remal el Rayan on their website or send them a message on Instagram.