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Go Clean: Egypt’s Efficient Eco-Friendly Service

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Go Clean: Egypt’s Efficient Eco-Friendly Service
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    We recently told you all about Trash4Cash – an Egyptian startup aiming to help the environment, while generating profit. Today, we are here to tell you about another enterprise: Go Glean.

    Go Clean is a recycling solutions company aiming to increase environmental awareness by adding a twist to the process of production and consumption. Go Clean was founded in 2017 and initially helped factories, companies, and cafes recycle their waste. Back in February 2019, Go Clean started to include everyday consumers into their business model. Accordingly, Go Clean launched a new service; Go Clean has begun going door-to-door to collect household waste.

    The founder of Go Clean is Mohamed Hamdy, an alumnus of American University in Cairo with a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy. Hamdy founded Go Clean as he believed that Egyptians needed to be much more considerate to the importance of recycling. As a result, Hamdy decided to take a proactive step, and Go Clean was born! Hamdy also believed that genuine change would be possible if, and only if, Egyptian consumers start to actively partake in the recycling process; this became the inspiration behind the door-to-door collection service.

    The process is not a time consuming one and could be done quickly by just about anyone. Firstly, before contacting Go Clean, customers have to filter through their waste and determine the recyclable materials, i.e. plastics, metals, and papers. After that, consumers can contact Go clean by phone or by sending a WhatsApp message (+20106 666 6555) with the location, and about 60 minutes later Go clean will arrive and pick up the consumer’s recyclables.

    The final step is rewarding the consumer by exchanging the recyclables for cash; the amount of money largely depends on the weight of the recyclables. That being said, consumers can also trade their recyclables for household items like antiseptics or hand washes, skin care products like body lotions, creams, soaps, Moroccan muds, as well as other consumer goods.

    Go Clean currently has 150 consumers taking part in their recyclables-for-cash/goods exchange. You can follow Go Clean on Instagram, Facebook, or pay their website a visit. You can also e-mail them on