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Malvern College Egypt: A Site Visit That Had Us Wishing We Were Kids Again

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Malvern College Egypt: A Site Visit That Had Us Wishing We Were Kids Again
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    Cairo 360

    It’s no secret that there’s been an expansion in educational institutions here in Cairo. The various international schools being developed all around the capital are both innovative and prestigious. When these two characteristics can blend, while simultaneously providing a welcoming and enriching environment, it is a pretty impressive accomplishment. Malvern College Egypt, a sister school of the same pedagogical institution in the UK, does exactly this, and Cairo 360 was lucky enough to get an exclusive look at how the school functions.

    Immediately upon entry, we were charmed by the beautiful setup and design. With plenty of windows allowing natural light and a campus that is easy and fun to navigate, it is no wonder the students, looking quite dapper in their chic and classically academic-looking uniforms, seemed so at ease and in good spirits. Right in the centre of the campus is the piazza, or the “point of gathering” where many students were spending their break eating and socialising with friends. The three-storey library, with different areas for primary and secondary students, houses a diverse collection of books and a setup which is extremely inviting.

    We became more impressed as we learned about the facilities and programs available. Most notable is the community building aspect of this school; we became familiar with many of the extracurricular activities that students can sign up for. Many students were using the music rooms on campus to practice for upcoming school performances, as well as just practicing their own music with friends. These rooms are free to sign up for, and students are able to use them during a time slot that works for them and their teachers, encouraging creativity and independence. On the particular day we visited, many students and parents alike were involved in a bake sale. During their break time, many students chose to be in the kitchen preparing baked products for this event, and the treats looked almost too good to be true. The time and care that goes into this process are extremely visible from just a brief meeting with the students.

    This wasn’t our only encounter with food on campus; we were able to have a look around the dining area and get some insight on the importance of health and nutrition at this institution. All food is prepared on campus and follows guidelines, which ensures that each student gets the proper amount of protein and carbohydrates, as well as a serving of fruit and vegetables.

    While touring the Early Years section, we also learned that the younger children are required to be served healthy snacks throughout the day, and administrators follow UK health and cleanliness guidelines. It is apparent that the students’ health and wellness are of the utmost importance, along with their creativity and freedom of expression. Outdoors, we were shown the free drawing boards, on which students could freely create art, as well as a garden where students could sign up to learn gardening skills. The playgrounds hosted challenging activities and equipment, imported from Canada, which allowed the children to use and build all their muscles. It really is no wonder that the students all appeared very cooperative and enthusiastic.

    We at Cairo 360 certainly wished we could go back in time to our school days and enrol ourselves in Malvern College Egypt. This refined campus, with endless opportunities for creativity and growth, makes for an extremely nurturing environment for any child. If you are a parent and are looking to enrol your children in school but are having a tough time deciding where, definitely look into Malvern College Egypt as an option. The school will be holding an open house, for parents considering applying for their kids, on Wednesday, 5 December. Head over to the Malvern College Egypt website for more information.