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Planeteroes On Wheels: Egypt’s First Portable Play Experience

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Planeteroes On Wheels: Egypt’s First Portable Play Experience
written by
Malak Gharib

Planeteroes introduces its mobile soft indoor playground for the very first time in Egypt! This one-of-a-kind portable play experience is designed for toddlers up to seven years old, where little ones can have a blast in a safe environment packed with entertainment features!


About Planeteroes:

Get ready to dive into a world of fun and excitement with Planeteroes. Having hosted more than 15,000 children, putting a smile on their faces, and welcomed over 60 daycares and nurseries to be their gateway to Fun Land in the span of one year, Planeteroes is back with its latest innovative concept. Planeteroes On Wheels is a mobile soft indoor playground that offers a versatile and adaptable play experience.


Planeteroes On Wheels:

Between Slide with Ball Pits, monkey bars, , a mountain climbing wall, musical elements, an edutainment maze, an arts & crafts corner, a glider, and flexible fun, indulge your kids in an experience of endless possibilities, playful exploration, and creative expression. Safety is paramount in any play environment.

Planeteroes on Wheels is designed with durability and safety in mind, ensuring a secure and enjoyable playing experience for all. From cushioned floors to engaging features, every element is crafted to provide a safe and stimulating play environment.


Weekend Programs & Activities :

With programs curated specially for the weekend, The Young Entrepreneur Weekend offers kids the chance to choose from a variety of engaging activities, such as making and selling lemonade juice, bracelets, , and key chains. They will set their own prices and sell these items to their parents and friends. 

Additionally, the Planeteroes On Wheels initiative features an array of exciting weekend activities. The Tele-matches weekend involves kids and parents in various motor and cognitive skill games, including ropes, jumping sacks, and bottle toss. Other activities include a thrilling water fight, an adventurous treasure hunt, and creative tie-dye sessions!