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Shaw7ha Matetlobhash Teaches Expats & Singles to Cook Their Own Delicious Meals

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Shaw7ha Matetlobhash Teaches Expats & Singles to Cook Their Own Delicious Meals
written by
Sherif Khairy

Busy schedules, late nights at work, early mornings with a sleep-deprivation hangover; all of these are horrible for maintaining a proper daily diet. Because young Egyptians have very little time and effort to cook, or even focus on maintaining a healthy diet, most of them rely on their mommies or whomever can take that responsibility off their shoulders.

Of course, there’s nothing easier than ordering food, but the problem is that it will force you to rely on unhealthy food choices that are definitely pricey. If you order food every day, you’ll only see your wallet getting thinner, while your belly going the other way around. But what if you live alone, or an expat? You need to woman/man up and learn how to cook, or as someone once said, Shaw7ha Matetlobhash!

 A group of Egyptian expats working in Abu Dhabi, with passion for food, launched Shaw7ha Matetlobhash (cook it, don’t order it); a Facebook page that helps people, in similar position, learn how to cook. They also have an Instagram account and a Youtube channel.

They take their audience from the first steps of deciding what to eat and shopping for the ingredients, to finally cooking the food. Their videos are very helpful and indeed entertaining. Take a look here at how they cooked the classic Egyptian Kebda w Sogo2 (Beef Liver and Sausages).


Cooking is an essential skill, especially for expats, or people living alone. Once you get into it, you’ll see that it’s actually quite simple, and a lot of fun. So stay savvy Cairenes, learn how to cook, save some bucks and take better care of your health.