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The Definitive Guide to Winter Bazaars in Cairo

Christmas Winter Bazaar
The Definitive Guide to Winter Bazaars in Cairo
    written by
    Christina John

    We are getting closer to the end of November, which means Mariah Carey is defrosting as we speak. The jingle tunes and the Christmas carols are so close we can almost smell the fresh gingerbread and taste the sweet eggnog. Our favourite thing about Christmas in Egypt is the joyful Christmassy vibes we experience at the countless bazaars we have each year. We have compiled a list for you, with every interesting Christmas carnival or bazaar happening this festive season.

    St. Mary Christmas Carnival

    On December 10th St. Mary’s annual charity Christmas Carnival will be bringing you fun games, warm Christmas food, and a lot of locally made crafts. Nothing feels better than spending money knowing that it’s going to a great cause. All profits from the carnival are donated to people in need, so they too can get a chance to experience the essence of Christmas.

    Cairo Christmas at The Swiss Club


    Mark your calendars because on the 19 of November, you are guaranteed a day full of shopping and great memories. The best part about this event is that your kids can enjoy the playground and munch on gingerbread and hot chocolate while you explore the unique displays. The Swiss Club is giving all local vendors the opportunity to display their products, so if you have a small business, this is your chance to blow up your sales. To reserve a booth, call: +20 01003009695

    Merry Christmas Bazaar at Americana Plaza

    You know that warm fuzzy Christmassy feeling you used to get as a kid when you would be slurping on a candy cane in front of the Christmas lights waiting for Santa to come? Well, this bazaar will get this feeling back, except this time you are the one shopping for the gifts, not Santa. Starting on the 23rd of December and till the 25th, you will get to find the perfect gifts and the prettiest dazzling ornaments to hang on your tree this year. To reserve a booth, call: +20 01147011940

    The Osana Christmas Bazaar

    Is there anywhere cosier than Osana where the kids can play safely while you enjoy a nice hot meal? Imagine a cosy atmosphere with Santa giving out gifts to everyone on the 3rd and 4th of December. We are not kidding! Santa is making an appearance this year. Not only that! They are also playing a Christmas movie that you and your entire family can enjoy. If you are a vendor, reserve your booth now by clicking here.

    Christmas Bazaar at City Center Maadi

    Get ready to shop ’til you drop. City Center Maadi will make sure you find the right gifts for every single person on your list. This year starting from December 9th till December 11th, The Princess will be hosting Bazaar at City Center Maadi with all the goodies and yummy Christmas food. If you want to reserve a booth, call: +20 01273750769

    Christmas Bazaar at All Saints’ Cathedral

    Another annual event that you surely do not want to miss on December 3rd is the Christmas Bazaar that always stuns everyone with the wide variety of high-quality jewellery, fashion, and home products. Of course, it is nice to buy your loved ones gifts during the holidays, but we guarantee you won’t be able to resist the urge to buy yourself a thing or two.