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This New Initiative May Make Running Errands a Piece of Cake

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This New Initiative May Make Running Errands a Piece of Cake
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Cairo 360

We love Cairo, let us just say this again at the beginning of the article, but sometimes the bureaucracy of getting things done is just too much. Finishing up some licenses, registrations, or any sort of official papers is always an uninvited addition to our day, but things are about to change drastically, thanks to this new and upcoming project.

This new project is a promising idea that should be very helpful to a whole lot of people. This new system aims to deliver to you the government employee that you need to finish up the papers you want. But how does it work exactly? Since this is a pilot project, not everything is available at the moment, but what you can do is get a license for a building or a shop. We do hope, however, that it can progress to encompass more and more services, especially crucial ones such as updating or creating a national ID.

As explained by Major General Hisham Khashaba, president of Cairo’s West District, after a person has made a request, the government employee will visit the person in need of a service. The employee will have a certified ID, and all other papers he needs to finish up the required service. The employee will then check to see that all required papers are made available by the citizen, and will then take the papers and fee in order to provide the required document and/or license.

This will go a long way in improving an important part of our daily lives. To contact Cairo’s West District, click here.