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This Video is Going Viral for all the Right Reasons
written by
Cairo 360

Given the amount of unrealistic required qualifications, the normalcy of insane work hours, and the array of unfair salaries/compensation packages, job hunting has grown to become an incredibly stressful task. Alas, enough of this nerving rant. We’re here to talk about a newcomer to the online recruitment biz: one that dares to present something novel, and is actually succeeding at that.

HireHunt is the website we’re talking about today; it gives job seekers the opportunity to express their abilities by means of a score sheet, instead of a boring CV. In other words, HireHunt allows employers to hunt for qualified and talented employees, within a pool of applicants who have been evaluated and scored by HireHunt‘s interactive and game-like application process. The process is really entertaining, and more importantly, it has proven quite effective.

Aside from the above, HireHunt is home to several, humorous and well written, videos that shed light on a number of problems within the job market. Their latest video entry has actually gone viral. 

We were captivated by the video, and we didn’t know what hit us at the end. HireHunt smoothly flipped the humorous interview into a discussion of a real problem faced by working mothers everywhere. Some recruiters overlook a candidate’s experiences, credentials, and qualifications, upon learning that the – highly competent and more than qualified – candidate is a mother.

All recruiters should note that mothers are just like anyone else; accordingly, mothers have to be evaluated using the exact same screening criteria that recruiters use to evaluate all other candidates. Indeed, any assumption that a mother will not be fully committed to her job, and/or doesn’t have as much time as a singleton does, ought to be thrown out of the window.