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WATCH: Just a GoProer Brought Santa to the Streets of Cairo
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In this festive season, we all remember the importance of spreading joy and laughter. The strength of a smile can drive people to overcome their difficulties, or just for a moment, forget about their troubles. Today we look back at what Just A GoProer decided to do on Christmas day, and we remember how important it is to share happiness.

Just A GoProer decided to put a huge Christmas tree in the middle of the street, complete with loads of gifts at the bottom for passersby to pick up. Eden Park, Cairopolitan, Azza Fahmy, The Doodle Factory, House of Cocoa, London Cab,, Vibes, Diwan Bookstores, and more have given gifts and coupons to be put under the Christmas tree.

The group went out early in the morning, faced a lot of troubles, and came up with solutions to overcome their challenges. Before sunrise, everything was set in Zamalek; they even had Moustapha Berjaoui dress up as Santa Claus. They only had one condition, if you were going to take a gift, you had to tell the camera who you were going to share it with. The output was a delightfully joyful video that shows the core of this festive season, sharing joy and laughter with our loved ones, and spreading happiness with all.

#SimpleGestures Xmas Edition

Yes..This happened in Egypt :)#ThisIsNotAPaidAd

Posted by Just A GoProer on Friday, December 28, 2018

According to the Just A GoProer team, this is all started with the concept of simple gestures and how they can help make people’s day. So they started connecting with many brands to see if they were into the idea and collected gifts from those willing to share. They went out in the early morning to set up the Christmas tree and a total of 100 gifts, so people would wake up to see the beautiful tree set up on Christmas day.