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Bored in the City? Escape Cairo on a Yoga Retreat

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Bored in the City? Escape Cairo on a Yoga Retreat
written by
Basma Belal

Image credit: Pixabay

Yoga has been an exercise that people turn to in order to control their stress levels, and without a doubt, the pandemic has led many people to resort to practising yoga to break from the tension. Imagine a vacation that not only entertains you but also allows you to relax. Well, you can start planning your getaway with this list of yoga studios that offer you retreats far away from the drama. We know you needed a breather, we all do!

The Mala

The Mala yoga studio in New Cairo that has all types of yoga, ranging from prenatal yoga to aerial yoga. It also holds the best seasonal retreats and is having one this month in Aswan.

Book your place by calling 01100285521.

The Nile Goddess

If you’re looking for a more lavish yoga retreat, The Nile Goddess has got you covered with a spiritual journey that will cleanse you both physically and mentally. Their next retreat is coming up, and we heard the rooms might be fully booked, but you can give it a shot! It also holds workshops for Botanical Dyeing, Sacred Jewelry, and Natural Perfumery at the Pyramids of Giza.

Check out their website.

The Yoga Shala

The Yoga Shala offers various yoga classes that are fit for everyone and offers occasional retreats. Follow them on Instagram to keep an eye out for its upcoming trips.

Sukun Studios

Sukun Studios is your virtual yoga and wellness hotspots that offers you a range of classes. They have a retreat to Aswan coming up, so hurry up and reserve your spot on Instagram or check out its website.