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FB Stables: Horseback Riding near The Giza Pyramids

FB Stables: Horseback Riding near The Giza Pyramids
    written by
    Sallie Pisch

    Horseback riding in the Cairo desert within sight of the Giza Pyramids
    sounds like an enchanting idea to tourists, expats and Egyptians alike. That
    is, until potential riders step out of their taxis by the Sphinx only to be
    overwhelmed by stable-boys jostling for their attention and patronage. Such
    misfortunate guests eventually find themselves perched on uncomfortable,
    under-fed bags of bones and holding on for dear life while a screeching
    stable-boy with a whip follows behind to make the poor animals run. It may be a
    memorable experience, but more than likely it’s not quite what most visitors
    have in mind.

    However, further down the line of stables visitors
    can find precisely what they’re looking for in FB Stables. Located near the end
    of the rows of stables, FB Stables offers guests a breath of fresh air and a
    gallop through the desert that is pleasurable as well as unforgettable.

    Run by Farouk Breesch and his sons, FB Stables
    provides healthy, well-fed horses for riders of all abilities. Never ridden
    before? FB has a calm, easy pony for you, and they’ll teach you the basics to
    ensure that you have a fun ride. Grew up on a horse? Try out Diesel, or one of
    the other more advanced horses, and enjoy a few nice gallops.

    Riders can relax in the shade in front of the
    stable with a cold soda or cup of tea before and after their ride, or even
    enjoy lunch with a panoramic view of the Pyramids from one of the terraces
    upstairs. The boys will be happy to send someone to pick up your meal – shawerma
    and taameya, perhaps? – and call you a taxi at the end of your ride. Farouk will sit and talk with you while you

    One trademark of FB Stables is their
    tailor-made rides. Instead of simply galloping up and down the same strip of
    desert that most stables use, FB offers several options. Instructors will take
    you on an hour-long ride to spots with incredible panoramic views of the Giza Pyramids
    or farther out into the desert. If you’re up for a longer ride, you can take a
    half-day ride to the Abu Sir Pyramids and break for lunch at FB’s sister
    stable, Amina, or even take a day-long trip to Sakkara
    or Dahshur.

    Most rides take place outside the Giza Pyramid
    complex, but you can ride inside the area as well. Seeing the Giza Pyramids by
    horseback can be a great idea, as riding definitely beats walking from one to
    the next! The Pyramids are farther apart than they look. If you prefer, the
    stable can also arrange camel or carriage rides into the Pyramid complex.

    Have you ever wanted to ride at night under the
    full moon, at sunrise or at sunset? FB can arrange those trips for you as well.
    Guests can even go for a full moon ride and then come back for a BBQ on the
    stable’s terrace.

    Farouk’s family offers another option for those
    disenchanted by the constant horse, camel and donkey-cart traffic in Giza. Amina Stable is
    located next to the Abu Sir Pyramids, about two kilometres away from the
    Saqqara Country Club. Run by Farouk’s son Karim and British expat Cat Bachelor,
    Amina offers a calm, private atmosphere free of the haggling, shouting and
    general noise surrounding the Giza Pyramids.

    Amina Stable is smaller than the Giza stable and located
    on a two-acre lot with plenty of open space. Like the Giza stable, Amina offers horses for riders
    of all abilities. For example, Princess Fiona is a quiet chestnut pony perfect for
    children and novice riders. Baraka, on the other hand, only leaves the stable
    in the hands of an experienced rider.

    From Amina Stable, guests can take short rides
    around the Abu Sir Pyramids and to Sakkara.
    There is also the option of taking a longer trip through the desert to the
    pyramids at Dahshur or Giza.
    Additionally, guests have the option of riding in one of the stable’s three
    paddocks rather than trekking into the desert.

    Amina’s courtyard provides a comfortable place
    to relax after a long ride, with chairs and tables set up in the grass and
    floor cushions surrounding a fire pit. There’s even a grill, perfect for an
    evening BBQ under the stars without Cairo’s
    typical traffic and noise.

    FB Stables charges 80LE per hour for
    horse or camel rides. Amina Stables
    charges 100LE per hour. For special
    events such as full-day rides, please inquire about prices when you make your
    reservations. FB Stables is located at the end of Gamal Abdul Nasser Street,
    a few blocks from the Sphinx, in Giza.

    For rides at either stable,
    contact Karim on 0165070288. You can also contact the stables by e-mail at or check out their new website.