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Knorr Teams Up With World Wide Fund for an Initiative That Will Surely Make the World a Better Place

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Knorr Teams Up With World Wide Fund for an Initiative That Will Surely Make the World a Better Place
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    The Unilever food brand, Knorr, is renowned for its range of handy products that make thousands of lives easier every day. But making life easier is not just about catering to the comforts of man; it’s about taking the time to give back to a planet that has always nurtured its dwellers.

    That’s why Knorr has collaborated with World Wide Fund (WWF) to create an initiative that will help the environment by fighting food scarcity through encouraging consumers to adjust their eating habits, by shedding light upon 50 plant-based foods that can be substitutes for the ones we consume excessively already.

    On February the 19th, Paris’ cultural complex Centre Pompidou witnessed the reveal of the foods that made it to the list in an event entitled 50 Future Foods. The massive event saw many advocates of the cause speaking, including Sam Kass, former White House Chef and President Obama’s Policy Advisor for Nutrition Policy; Dorothy Shaver, Global Sustainability Lead for Knorr; David Edwards, Director of Food Strategy at WWF-UK; and Fabrice DeClerk, Science Director of EAT and Senior Scientist at Bioversity International.

    The list is brimming with various local favourites, including fava beans, lentil, black-eyed peas, sweet potato, radish, arugula, tomato, and chickpeas. The list also included other foods that we are familiar with, like broccoli, okra, cabbage, sesame seeds, spinach, and parsley, leaving us no excuse for not supporting the cause

    For someone who never checks the menu for new items to try, merely opting for whatever they’ve been ordering since God knows when, the concept of Future Foods may be a little hard to swallow. However, changing the face of our dinner table comes with a changer for the better for the environment, and the perks of exploring a wider range of culinary creations using these super nutritious ingredients!

    Learn more about Knorr’s initiative.