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Nut Butter in Cairo? 12 Local Brands that offer the Spreadable Deliciousness ‎

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Nut Butter in Cairo? 12 Local Brands that offer the Spreadable Deliciousness  ‎
    written by
    Dina Mokhtar

    Featured image via Fino’s Nut Butters – Facebook

    Let’s admit that it took us Cairenes a while before we acquired the taste for the ultimate classic nut butter: peanut butter. But make no mistake, once we fell in love with it, we started to explore the other options at hand, and as usual, Cairo’s local brands never disappoint in that aspect.

    Here’s a list of local brands that offer nut butter in various varieties:


    The health-conscious food brand, which offers a host of handmade and preservatives-free products, has a range of nut butters that cater to all tastes; peanut, cashew, and coconut, as well as peanutella, and chocolate hazelnut butter. You can order the products through Osana Wholefood Café.

    Why Nut!:

    Specialising in peanut butter, Why Nut! offers it in different variations that come in two sizes. Their potions are plain, stevia-sweetened, honey-sweetened, cinnamon crunch, chocolate chip, toffee nut, Nutella Therapy, and Lotus explosion. The brand’s products are keto and vegan friendly. For orders, send a DM on Instagram.

    Even Butter:

    100% natural, free of gluten, and eco-friendly packaging; Even Butter serves peanut, cashew, and almond butter. Peanut butter comes in two flavours and two sizes; Original, and Roasted – 300 gm, or 180 gm. Other flavours are offered in the 180 gm jar only; however, you can buy a pack of assorted flavours for a discounted price. Check Even Butter’s menu in the highlight stories section on Instagram.

    Fino’s Nut Butters:

    The brand has a host of options, including peanut butter (of course), almond butter, mixed nuts butter, and chocolate hazelnut. You can order by sending a message on 01007976921, or through Osana Wholefood Café.


    Spreads offer peanut butter only. Mind you, the brand has some of the best flavours in the city. In addition to plain, stevia-sweetened, and honey-sweetened, Spreads has flavours like salted caramel, Nutella, Cinnamon Crunch, stevia-sweetened Cinnamon Crunch, and blueberry. Order through the brand’s website.

    Abu Auf:

    Of course this brand offers nut butters; pistachio, almond, cashew, and peanut butter. There’s also peanut butter with cocoa and honey, peanut butter with chocolate, and peanut butter with Belgian chocolate – fancy! You can buy the brand’s range through the website.


    Offered in two sizes, SELF offers Classic Peanut Butter, Nutella Almond Butter, and Mixed Nuts butter. Order by calling the Zamalek branch on 01101777706, or Maadi on 01011122330.


    The brand boasts the most extensive variety of honey-sweetened nut butters that come in a 200 gm jar, including peanut butter, pistachio, sesame, hazelnut, and almonds. The brand also has plain peanut butter, cocoa butter, and a variety of chocolate spreads. Give them a call on 201062625755.

    Original, with stevia, or honey; Lychee’s range includes peanut and almond butter, which are available in two sizes: 200 g and 500 g jars. The brand also has a buy-2-get-one-free offer on both flavours. Order through the website.

    Organic Nation:
    The superfoods brand menu include plain, and honey peanut butter (50LE each), almond butter with coconut oil (160LE), and hazelnut butter with dark chocolate (160LE). Order through the website.

    Nature’s Grace:
    Nature’s Grace offers sugar-free nut butter in 300 gm jars; peanut butter (65LE) and almond butter (195LE). Order through this link.

    Available at Gourmet Egypt, Baked offers its variety in 340 g jars; almond butter(199LE), peanut butter (70LE), honey vanilla almond butter (220LE), and power butter (225LE).