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Want to Be Part of a Positive Change? Sunbites Is Here to Help Through Its Latest Click-Funding Campaign

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Want to Be Part of a Positive Change? Sunbites Is Here to Help Through Its Latest Click-Funding Campaign
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    There’s an old quote that says, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” From this quote grew the concept of sustainability as the core of any charity or social project. Instead of helping out people with a consumable product, give them the tools they need to become independent and self-sufficient.

    Sunbites Egypt is cooperating with Qafelet El Khair Association to bring such ecological change to Egypt. They are implementing a project of cultivating rooftops using the hydroponics technique. Essentially, this technique enables the cultivation of producing without soil, giving people in need a sustainable yet straightforward method of growing crops that they can sell to make a living.

    So how will this work exactly? The process is simple. These hydroponic systems are designed with lightweight materials so as not to overload buildings when they are installed on their rooftops, and the beneficiaries of these systems will use them to grow crops and improve their income. But they won’t be alone on this journey. Sunbites is funding this project, while Qafelet El Khair Association will take the role of the promotion and distribution, as they will integrate the products of beneficiaries into their existing product line and prepare them to bring out their products to the market.

    The project is expected to comprise many units of roof farms, each one with an average production capacity of 300-315 plants per agricultural cycle. Qafelet El Khair will stand behind the beneficiaries and give them on-hand training to qualify them for using such techniques. They will also continue to follow up with these new entrepreneurs to make sure the planting phase is going according to plan and ensure that they succeed in completing the agricultural cycle correctly.

    Now the question is, why are we telling you all of this? The answer is simple; it’s because you can help too. Sunbites is giving you the chance to promote such growth in our community through launching click-funding campaign to promote hydro farming and support underprivileged families around Egypt to have a stable income, and they’re asking you to join.

    Sunbites have just published a video explaining more details about the project, with the intention of raising the awareness of the public on the potential positive impact that hydro-farming can have. The video will show how hydro-farming can aid underprivileged families. So, if you want to help, watch the video (1 point), like it (2 points), share it (3 points), and leave a comment (5 points) on how you feel about it. With every like, comment, and share, you will be bringing Sunbites a step closer to their goal and supporting their donation to Qafelet El Khair NGO to help families in need.

    Your clicks matter, and you can help give underprivileged families a chance for a sustainable and a stable life.