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6 Artists to Add to Your 2023 Holiday Playlist

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6 Artists to Add to Your 2023 Holiday Playlist
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Farah Fahim
Image via Billboard

December is finally here, and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Christmas music is one of the best parts of the holiday season, bringing joy and a festive spirit to people everywhere. It encompasses a wide range of musical styles, from traditional carols to modern pop interpretations. Christmas songs are often characterised by their lyrical themes of love, joy, peace and the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Throughout history, countless singers and musicians have contributed to the rich tapestry of Christmas music. Here are some great musicians to add to your playlist this holiday season.


Nat King Cole

An iconic jazz musician who needs no introduction, Nat King Cole has not only been highly influential in his genre but also set the stage for the development of Christmas music. Dubbed by many “the king of Christmas,” his most famous holiday song has to be The Christmas Song. However, he has many others in his repertoire, including takes on some of our favourite carols like God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman and The First Noel.


The Lumineers

A band with a very niche fandom, The Lumineers do not get the love they deserve when it comes to Christmas music. Giving us a much softer and nostalgic take on favourites like Blue Christmas and Pretty Paper, their singer-songwriter style is a welcome change from the typical style of artists like Mariah Carey.


Frank Sinatra

Though not exclusively a Christmas singer, Frank Sinatra’s smooth voice lends itself beautifully to holiday tunes. His interpretations of songs like Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas evoke a sense of nostalgia and romance and are an absolute staple to our holiday playlists.




Image via The Hollywood Reporter

This acapella group has gained widespread popularity with their vocal harmonies and innovative arrangements of Christmas classics. Their renditions of songs like Mary, Did You Know? and Hallelujah have captivated millions. A fan favourite is their interpretation of Little Drummer Boy, with a viral video released in 2013 that is still viral a decade later.


Céline Dion

Image via Disney Parks

One of the most renowned and accomplished vocalists of our time, Céline Dion has also contributed to the realm of Christmas music. Her powerful and expressive voice brings a special touch to holiday classics such as O Holy Night with an incredible show of vocal range and Feliz Navidad with a rendition filled with energy and joy, making it a vibrant holiday tune.


Elvis Presley

The “King of Rock and Roll” has left a lasting legacy on Christmas music. Throughout his career, he recorded several beloved Christmas songs with a versatile vocal style and charismatic stage presence. His rendition of Blue Christmas has become an enduring holiday classic with his smooth vocals and heartfelt delivery. Another fan-favourite is I’ll Be Home for Christmas, which seems to transport you back in time and space to a small town covered in snow with holiday cheer all around.


Each singer brings a unique style and interpretation, making Christmas songs an integral part of the holiday season for people of all ages and musical tastes. So hurry up and create your season’s favourite playlist for your next Christmas gathering.