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Ghostly Kisses to Perform at Cairo Jazz Club 610

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Ghostly Kisses to Perform at Cairo Jazz Club 610
written by
Nada Wahba

Ghostly Kisses is not just the band’s name, but it’s more of a way to describe the type of music delivered. Margaux Sauve is the pop singer behind Ghostly Kisses. She came up with the name when she was inspired by reading William Faulkner’s poem “Une Ballade des Dames Perdues”, which roughly translates to “A ballad to lost women”. Ghostly Kisses alludes to the ethereal voice of the singer, as her songs are a mixture of calm and passion. It’s where both extremes meet in the middle. 

If you’re a die-hard Ghostly Kisses fan, then you can rejoice because the long wait is now over! The singer and songwriter is due for a second show on March 27th right here at one of Cairo’s favourite clubs: Cairo Jazz Club 610 after its first show in Cairo, on March 26th, has officially sold out. Fans of ages 16+ also have access to CJC 610 for the show, so make sure to tell your friends and book your spot while you can! 

The second show is in perfect alignment with her new album “Heaven, Wait” that dropped on January 28th, and Cairenes will undoubtedly be eagerly waiting for her to play a few songs from it. She also made it to number one on Anghami ever since she dropped her new video for the song “Heartbeat” on the same day as her new album. 

Book your tickets now by sending CJC 610’s Facebook page a message, so that you don’t miss the performance of a lifetime!