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Weekend Guide: Angham, Strawberry Swing and More!

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Weekend Guide: Angham, Strawberry Swing and More!
    written by
    Christina John

    We love us a long weekend, but we certainly despise spending it in this weather in the crowded streets of Cairo. If you are stuck in the capital like us, we got you. There’s so much to do and so many events happening that you won’t have time to be bored or think about the summer heat. 


    Aguzi at The Tap West 

    Do you prefer partying to songs by RiRi and Drake rather than Techno and House music? We understand your longing for music with lyrics or at a least a chorus, and Aguzi is here to play some of your favourite commercial pop hits.  

    For reservations, call: 0106 0000 867

    Soul Trains & Frogmoose at Cairo Jazz Club 

    We love starting off the weekend with some cheerful music. Soul Trains will be playing some of the top RnB, funk and soul beats that will keep you moving all night. Frogmoose will be closing the night with a groovy set of funk music.

    For reservations, send CJC a FB message between 12-8 PM.

    Shika Saber, Heikal & Junior at Cairo Jazz Club 610

    Since we were able to provide an event for the pop music lovers, we now have a surprise for all the house music enthusiasts. Shika Saber and Heikal will be playing house beats b2b, followed by Junior who will be closing the night with a set of his multicultural sounds. 

    For reservations, send CJC 610 a FB message between 12-8 PM.

    E.T. Jazz Quartet at The Tap Maadi 

    The mesmerising beats of jazz will be filling the Tap Maadi this Thursday with the help of E.T. Quartet who will showcase their talent and love for Jazz. 

    For reservations, call 0106 0000 865


    Fighting at Rawabet Art Space

    Disclaimer: no martial arts or bloody fists in this performance. We are sorry to disappoint whoever was excited to witness some on–stage violence, but this performance is a contemporary dance that discusses the fights we have within ourselves. The talented Shayma Shoukry and Mohamed Fouad will be moving to the musical rhythms of Ahmed Saleh.

    For more info & tickets, click here.

    Angham at Al Manara

    Are you ready for a concert you won’t forget? The Egyptian superstar Angham will be performing the opening concert for Al Manara Live Symphonic 2022 this Friday. The dress code is semi-formal so get out your favourite summer pantsuit and get your tickets before they are sold out. 

    For more info & tickets, click here.

    El Gamila w El Wahsh at Le Marquee CFC

    This quirky Egyptian adaptation of Beauty & The Beast is where you need to take the kids on the weekend. The performance is suitable for all ages, and we are assuming that it is a comedy that will keep you and the rest of your family entertained as it promises dazzling visuals and a full on musical.

    For more info & tickets, click here.

    Ritmo at Room Art Space Garden City 

    Six girls with six mind-blowing voices and talents have come together as a band and we are here for it. This Friday they will be sharing their passion on stage and performing a bunch of songs from different cultures, from oriental Egyptian to Lebanese, and Khaliji. 

    For more info, click here.

    Strawberry Swing at The Tap West

    It doesn’t seem like ColdPlay will be coming to Egypt anytime soon, but thank god we have Strawberry Swing to still give us the same vibes. This tribute band has proved over and over again that they can bring ColdPlay’s aesthetic and good music to stage and we seriously recommend attending one of their performances.

    For reservations, call: 0106 0000 867


    Ali El Haggar at Al Manara 

    The biggest concert happening this weekend at Al Manara is bringing you Ali EL Haggar live on stage. His captivating talent and euphonic stage presence will guarantee a performance you won’t forget. 

    For more info & tickets, click here.

    Squadra at Rawabet Art Space

    Looking for some Halal fun? Put down your drink and head to Rawabet Art Space where you will forget about your worries without drinking them away. This lineup of hilarious men will keep you laughing and chuckling all night while sober.

    For more info & tickets, click here.

    Komedy Koshk at Room Art Space New Cairo 

    End the weekend on a good note with the hottest comedians in town. The laughter and the good vibes that will be filling the room will lift your spirits up. We promise you will be laughing to yourself at work the next day as you remember one of their jokes.

    For more info, click here.

    Paint & Sip at Esco-Bar

    We have been following the Paint ‘n Sip events all around Cairo in all the interesting venues they have chosen throughout this season. Unfortunately this is the last event they are hosting in Cairo, so you better catch the experience while you can. You don’t need to have any prior experience or art skills, as they provide the art tools and the guidance. 

    For more info, click here.

    DJ Saddam & Islam Chipsy at Cairo Jazz Club 

    Islam Chipsy is back at CJC with his electrifying shaabi sounds. DJ Saddam will be in charge of warming up the stage to keep you ready for the night.

    For reservations, send CJC a FB message between 12-8 PM.

    Comedy Sett at Room Art Space Garden City 

    Don’t miss a chance to enjoy one of the “Comedy Sett” nights at Room Art Space hosted by Louka. 

    For more info, click here.