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Welcome to the World of Egyptian Wine

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Welcome to the World of Egyptian Wine
written by
Daniel William
Image via Pixabay

Wine making dates back to the ancient Egyptians, one of the first civilisations to have the know-how of its making. In the 1880s, the first brand of Egyptian wine, Giancils, was released. It was named after a Greek man named Nestor Giancils, who was the first to initiate the attempt to manufacture wine using the Pharaohs’ ingredients and process.

Then over the years, especially after the French invasion, alcohol production was on the rise. Nowadays, with Egypt being an Islamic nation, the production of alcoholic beverages this good is actually pretty impressive.

With that said, in celebration of National Wine Day, here’s a rundown of a reasonably extensive selection of domestic wines. These bottles will burst with flavour while still being relatively cost-friendly compared to imported brands.

Chateau de Granville

One of the best local wines has to be Chateau de Granville, which can be paired with a number of food options; poultry, fish, veal, or cheeses. 

Available in: Red & White

Alcohol content: 12-12.5%

Price: 400 EGP/750 ml

Cape Bay

Next comes Cape Bay’s deliciousness with its tastiness on the palate derived from its balanced acidity and smooth texture. Their special editions include an undertone of vanilla, with a pinch of peach in the white and pepper in the red wines.

Available in: Red, White, & Special Editions

Alcohol content: 12-12.5-13%

Price: 330-350 EGP/750 ml

Grand Marquis

Another drink of the same mother company, Al Ahram Beverages, is Grand Marquis. This time we’re introducing sweet wine to the list.

Available in: Red, Sweet Red, & White

Alcohol content: 12-12.5-16%

Price: 250 EGP/750 ml

Omar Khayyam


Omar Khayyam is basically a pillar of Egypt’s wine industry. It has an edge over the previous brands with the addition of its rosé wine. Also, it’s available in an on-the-go size.

Available in: Red, White, & Rosé

Alcohol content: 12.5%

Price: 160 EGP/750 ml & 65 EGP/187ml


EgyBev’s latest release is XO, which is taking Egypt’s alcohol enthusiasts by storm. They come in three sizes; a regular bottle of sangria for one, the traditional wine bottle at a reasonable price, and lastly, a cardboard party box! They are also the only local brand selling pre-prepped sangria bottles in Egypt.

Available in: Red, Rosé, White, Sangria Red, & Sangria White

Alcohol content: 10-12.5%

Price: 40 EGP/275 ml, 200 EGP/750 ml & 575 EGP/3L


Another line from EgyBev is Beausoleil. They offer a new range of alcoholic percentages, with bottles up to 15% and others at 11.5%.

Available in: Red, Rosé, & White

Alcohol content: 11.5-12.5-15%

Price: 85 EGP/187 ml & 270 EGP/750 ml


Last but certainly not least is the cheapest drink of all. Shahrazade provides good quality wine at the most budget-friendly cost compared to the competing brands.

Available in: Red, Rosé, & White

Alcohol content: 12.5%

Price: 65 EGP/187 ml & 155 EGP/750 ml