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7 Must-Try Breakfast Venues in Sheikh Zayed

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7 Must-Try Breakfast Venues in Sheikh Zayed
written by
Ramy Soliman

Yes, we all love Qahwa’s breakfast, especially their out-of-this-world Truffle Omelette and sinfully good Melting Chocolate Bomb. However, a change every once in a while is needed, and here are some options that are just as good.


Whether you’re craving salmon benedict, a grilled goat cheese sandwich, shakshouka with mushrooms and spinach, waffles, or even falafel and foul, Eatery is the place that’s definitely got it all.


Besides their wide selection of breakfast dishes, delicious bagels, and freshly baked goodies, having an in-house cheese room that gives you the chance to enjoy an outstanding cheese platter teamed with jam, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, and walnuts, took Ted’s’ breakfast game to a whole new level of awesomeness.

Butcher’s Burger

If you’re looking for simple yet fulfilling breakfast options like cheesy omelettes, sunny-side-up eggs with a side of bacon and hash browns, and pancakes for a reasonable price, Butcher’s Burger is the place to be. Did we mention that there’s a 50% discount for the ladies?


Ovio, like Qahwa, is an obvious choice for sure. However, people usually get distracted by their breakfast dishes and miss their wide selection of baked goodies like bagels, croissants, TO-DIE-FOR doughnuts, and a wide selection of pastries that will go well with a cup of coffee.

Tawlet Beirut

Just imagine yourself at Tawlet Beirut and your table is full of halloumi cheese, falafel, pesto hummus, batata harra, foul, eggs, taboula, fattoush, and freshly baked bread; need we say more?

Lebanese Diner

Although their hummus harr and labneh are probably some the best in town, Lebanese Diner’s breakfast hero item is hands down the Mana’esh. Made on saj for a flawless texture.


At the end (or beginning) of the day, nothing can be compared to a delicious Egyptian breakfast with so much feteer at Baladina.