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Many Happy Returns to Ayadina’s Delicious Ramadan Open Buffet!

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Many Happy Returns to Ayadina’s Delicious Ramadan Open Buffet!
written by
Cairo 360

The story began almost six years ago, when Lebanese restaurant, Ayadina, started celebrating the Holy Month of Ramadan with a one of a kind Iftar open buffet. The celebration was deemed successfully delicious; indeed, every real Lebanese cuisine enthusiast in town has their calendar marked for an annual Ramadan pilgrimage to Ayadina.

And just like every year, the restaurant has been a full house since the 2nd day of Ramadan, so what’s the secret? It’s nothing but an all-inclusive feast of Lebanese goodness, where everyone’s taste is catered to; from the restaurant’s range of soups, all-time favourite salads, and mezzahs –be it hot or cold-, to a scrumptious round up of some of Ayadina’s best dishes, let alone the refreshing drinks and the flavoursome hookas. When all of this comes wrapped up in a colourfully delightful ambience and an efficient service, there’s no wonder people run back for more.

But it’s not just us who appreciate the restaurant’s wholesome Iftar; some of Cairo’s most renowned foodies have a special spot for Ayadina’s buffet as well, including Three Full Bellies, The Three Fat Ladies and Cairo Foodie Couple. You see, everyone is already excited about it, so you’d better get your spot reserved by calling 01015211222 before Ramadan slips away!

Want to hear more good news? A little bird told us that Ayadina is soon to expand with a couple of new branches; one in Cairo’s Sheikh Zayed and the other in *drum roll please* Alexandria! Check it all out on Ayadina’s Facebook page and Instagram account.