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Marvellous Valentine’s Celebrations at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza

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Marvellous Valentine’s Celebrations at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza
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Time to love one another and oneself a little bit extra this Valentine’s Day at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza! Spa, accommodation, and restaurants ready to satisfy the mind, body, and soul and served with a fantastic flair of romance.

Magical journeys begin with self-care, and a spa is all you need to honour your wellbeing, release all that pent-up tension, and relax. You can start with the spa’s signature 90-minute package “Chocolate Delight” that will warm you up for the night. For 3,145 LE, you’ll be given a luxurious coffee scrub treatment for chocolate lovers, designed to nourish the body and assist in muscle relief. Then, you’ll indulge in a rejuvenating chocolate oil massage to stimulate blood circulation and reduce stress, leaving your skin fresh and breathing, your spirit ten times lighter, and your mind and body ready for a night of fine-dining, glitz and glam!

Selections of outstanding restaurants to choose from are all prepped for an evening full of exquisite treats created by Executive Chef Gianluca Visani and his culinary team, all served along with magical Nile views. Zitouni promises an exquisite evening with in-house music and a splendid authentic Egyptian menu at 950 LE.

A night of spectacular celebrations and unforgettable moments await at Bullona, with their artisan seafood extravaganza dinner set-menu and lively DJ at 1750 LE.

Explore a wide range of traditional Cantonese dishes and delicacies with a dinner set menu at 8 restaurant, named after the Chinese culture’s luckiest number, with romantic in-house music entertainment at 1800 LE.

Beymen Café is also feeling the love with a selection of romantic-themed desserts! From their mouth-watering Valentine’s chocolate bonbons to their Chocolate and Raspberry Charlotte cakes, both adoringly heart shaped for two and bursting with sweet flavours!

Last but not least, at the heart of Four Seasons Nile Plaza, is the notable La Galerie restaurant, dubbed the “living room” of Cairo and, today, for all Cairene lovebirds! A stylish and elegant venue adorned with modern Egyptian art, radiant in every corner, also primed with a selection of romantic themed desserts with delicious coconut and vanilla crèmeux and raspberry macaroon hearts.

And the night won’t have to end there! Exceptional Valentine’s weekend accommodation rates starting at LE 2,499 ++  is available with breakfast for two! Plus a very special option of an early check-in at noon, and an even-more desirable late checkout at 4 pm. Available from 11 – 16 February.

For reservations, call 02-2791-7000.