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Roy’s Smokehouse Introduces Meat-Smoking in Cairo

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Roy’s Smokehouse Introduces Meat-Smoking in Cairo
written by
Nada Wahba

There’s an evident gap in the American Barbecue experience here in Cairo, specifically Texas Barbecue. It’s only recently that there’s been a rise in such cuisine, and Cairo Marriott Hotel’s Roy’s Smokehouse is introducing the concept of different types of Texas Barbecue right at your table! Since the cuisine isn’t that popular in Cairo, Roy’s Smokehouse guarantees a by-the-book experience that it’s done plenty of research on, so you can have top-notch smoked meat quality that checks all the boxes. 

Meat smoking has its own history, going all the way back to when German and Czech citizens brought the concept to Texas in the 19th century. Throughout the years, the method of smoking meat became extremely popular throughout Texas with many meat-smoking techniques, all following the unanimous outcome of slowly cooking and smoking meat cuts for more than 12 hours, which was then known as Texas Barbecue. 

Located at the heart of Zamalek, Roy’s Smokehouse is the first place of its kind in the area to popularise Texas Barbecue. The idea of breaking the traditional cuisine isn’t new to Roy’s Smokehouse, as they were also the first to introduce Tex-Mex burgers back in the 1980s! While the theme is no longer Mexican, Roy’s, as a location, continues to hold up the standard of experiencing different cuisines and dishes and sharing them with Egyptians.

The restaurant also makes sure that it stays up to date, so it uses the latest meat-smoking techniques to preserve the international quality standards and provide great-tasting meat. It also uses an upgraded smoker designed by the Chef, who studied all the possible details to secure the perfect uniformed yet slow-smoked result (and taste!).

The process of cooking goes like this; the cut is cooked for 16 hours using casuarina wood that burns long and slowly. First, the meat goes through a pre-cooking stage, where it’s submerged in brine for 48 hours. It’s then cooked uncovered for the first eight hours, spraying it with a mixture of apple cider and water every 45 minutes so it holds its moisture. During the second phase, the meat is cooked while it’s covered, then it’s allowed to rest for a few hours to retain its moisture and tenderness.

In addition to all that, the restaurant ensures its American meat will have the perfect taste and flavour by allowing it to marinate in a traditional Texas recipe, which includes a variety of spices. 

Roy’s Smokehouse also has a few signature dishes, including its homemade sausages, for which the chef has developed a unique recipe. The restaurant serves its meat with traditional BBQ sauce as well as a selection of side dishes, such as hash rice, cream corn, or Mac and Cheese. It’s also worth mentioning that the meat is served in a variety of cuts, including rib-eye, brisket, short ribs, and more.