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Six Staple Food Joints In Sahel

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Six Staple Food Joints In Sahel
written by
Nelly Ezz

Sahel season is upon us, and we are super excited to see what the food scene has in store for us this summer. We are also undoubtedly looking forward to some sun, fun, and yummy shenanigans by the sea, because we all deserve it after everything that has been happening with inflation and whatnot. A big part of having fun during those long summer days is having a good bite to eat. So, if you’re lucky enough to go to the Northcoast this coming Eid vacation, here are a few places that are somehow better than their Cairene original, and they never disappoint! 


The Gastro Nomads have already touched down in Diplo, Marassi’s Water World and Almaza Bay for the summer! Their menu has some new items for the summer like salads, slushies, and more – so head over there this weekend and give their burgers and sides a taste if you’re getting the beach munchies. They have about ten branches in Sahel, so stay tuned for the opening of the rest of the branches – you can also call 15646 for more information. 


After major success last year, Mario’s came back strong this year and has already set up a shop in Marassi’s Beach Club House. Their Mediterranean menu is unmatched with seafood rolls, cones, burgers, and shakes that are out of this world. Pass by if you’re in the area and munch on some scrumptious seafood items filled with bright flavours and even better aesthetics. 


Summer 2021’s It place is back, and better than ever with a high-end yet relaxed Latin flair. This hot spot is ready for round two this summer to offer fantastic menu items, impressive cocktails, and amazing vibes. Located in Seashell, this place is already buzzing with people and will definitely be expecting guests this very long weekend – you can contact them via 01271113764/5 for reservations. 


The ever-so-popular Japanese Bakery and coffee shop, Keki was first introduced in Diplo a few years back. Expect Keki Diplo to be open with a curated Sahel menu for some fluffy goodness and even better coffee! 


Everyone’s favourite food hub and restaurant has also opened its doors for customers last week! Pass by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner when you’re in the mood for good food. Their Diplo branch welcomes everyone from 1 PM to 1 AM daily, but reserve ahead on 01270466001.


Not a staple just yet, but we very much expect it to be soon, Kamikatsu just announced its opening in Lakeyard, Hacienda Bay. In the mood for some sandos on the beach? Mochis, Sandwiches, Salads, Fries, and more are all on the menu for this year. The best thing is that they’re open after hours to save you after a fun night out; catch them from 4 AM to 4 PM – you can also call 01279559975 for deliveries.