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Six Suhoor Hit-Spots in New Cairo

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Six Suhoor Hit-Spots in New Cairo
written by
Nelly Ezz

As the evening approaches and the city comes to life after Iftar, we all begin to browse for places to go to enjoy the spirit of Ramadan gatherings. If you are thinking of something other than spending the night in and having Suhoor at home, we’ve got you covered. Finding the best places to have Suhoor can get tiring, so if you are looking for excitement around New Cairo, here are a few spots you should consider next time you’re eating out at night during the holy month. 

Marrakech Tent

After a very successful opening at Hydeout in New Cairo, Marrakech Tent gathers people to enjoy majestic Ramadan nights with authentic decorations, entertainment, and even better food! You can reserve a table through Ticketsmarche’s website or their hotline, 16826. You can also buy tickets from their booth at Hydeout.


Tabali is also a great place to get a quick grab in New Cairo. Their menu is filled with high-quality food, perfect for a delicious meal out. In addition, their branches boast amazing vibes, live entertainment, and colourful decorations, especially in Korba, The Drive, and New Cairo. 


Coming back strong once more this year, Taghmisa has been a crowd-favourite since 2016. Located in Arabella Country Club in New Cairo, this seasonal tent offers an array of Suhoor dishes and entertainment. If you like big crowds, then Taghmisa is the perfect spot for you! They manage to top their Ramadan vibes every year and thrust you right into the traditional Ramadan essence. You can call to reserve a place by calling 01000885955.


Mostly known for its killer breakfast on non-Ramadan days, Qahwa transforms after Maghrib hours to cater towards Suhoor! Located in New Cairo’s Waterway and 5A, they have live cooking stations of all things oriental-Suhoor you can think of. Their extensive menu includes a variety of ful, falafel, sujuk, kebda and sweet and savoury feteer! Don’t forget to check them out on their Instagram page here


Where to go if you’re craving some good old feteer meshaltet? Samiha is the place to be when you are yearning for some scrumptious-looking doughy creations. If you’re not in the mood for traditional feteer, they also have Neapolitan pizza! Samiha is open all around the city, but you can visit the New Cairo branch anytime you want to treat yourself to salty classics, house creations, Italian pizza, hawawshi, and feteer. 


Located in Salah-Eldin Citadel, Mawlay is the place to be during Ramadan. This exclusive tent is the talk of the town and has created quite the buzz during its opening night this season. You can call 010 6345 0000 or 010 6346 0000 every day from 11 am to 3 am for inquiries and reservations.