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The Cairo360 Editor’s Choice Awards: Fusion Cuisine Awards Winners

Fusion Cuisine Awards Winners Mezcal The Cairo360 Editor’s Choice Awards
The Cairo360 Editor’s Choice Awards: Fusion Cuisine Awards Winners
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Cairo 360

Fusion cuisine blends the culinary traditions of two or more countries to create flavourful, innovative dishes. The best thing about food fusion is that it allows freedom and experimentation with techniques, flavours, and textures. As a result, this form of cooking has become very popular and is a fast-growing trend worldwide. Let us briefly introduce you to our local Fusion Cuisine honourable mention, Mezcal, which closed earlier last year, and we hope reopens soon!


Feel like embarking on a luxurious food journey to Latin America? Look no further than Zamalek’s very own Mexican-Peruvian fine-dining restaurant, Mezcal. This culinary-fusion hotspot is well-known for its bold and exotic Latin American flavours and striking cocktail infusions. Mezcal has mastered the art of combining contrasting culinary traditions into single dishes, thus creating a distinct taste that goes perfectly with the venue’s casual-chic ambience.