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The Office: Breakfast Edition (Sheikh Zayed)

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The Office: Breakfast Edition (Sheikh Zayed)
written by
Nada Medhat
Via 123rf

Hello again, Office Breakfast readers. We’re back to bring you all your office breakfast needs wherever you work. If you earn your wages Sheikh Zayed, this is your lucky week. If not, check our previous articles in the series, where we’ve offered the workers of Maadi, Zamalek, Sheraton, and Mohandessin the best of our guidance. And if your area hasn’t been covered yet, don’t lose hope! We’re going everywhere.

As we do every time, we categorise our breakfast spots based on price range, so there’s something for everyone any day of the month!

Last Week of the Month

We’re not there yet, but it’s always better to be prepared. If June lasts anywhere near as long as the neverending May of 2022, we better be ready and spend our money carefully. El Shabraway is a reliable classic, where you can get your fix of fuul and ta’amiya as well as many different options, like falafel rolls and shawarma. For variety, Abou Omar is another great fuul and ta’amiya place where you can also get Syrian sandwiches. Nour is a third great pick for some classic Egyptian breakfast dishes as well! 

The Middle Weeks

Even though we’re only on the 7th of the month, we’re spiritually already there. May lasted so long that when we finally got our paychecks, we spent it at once like we were out of the apocalypse. We still have a little bit of our salary left, and we fully intend to spend it on quality food! For classic Egyptian fuul and ta’amiya, Zooba and Gad are perfect here! El Tabei El Domiaty is just as good, of course. 


Still a bit far from where we are, but we keep our eye on it so we can prepare for the day! There are many great choices here. First, you have Ovio, which is a perfect choice for a savoury or sweet breakfast, with its toast and scrambled eggs that fuel you for the day or the fluffy pancakes that will boost your energy levels and mood. Qahwa, of course, is highly popular for all the right reasons. You have a wide range of omelettes, soups, sandwiches, and baked goods for a heavy or light breakfast! And last but not least, Eatery! Eatery is perfect for a hearty authentic Egyptian breakfast that isn’t just fuul and ta’amiya; you can get feteer meshaltet bel samna el baladi with honey and cheese! Of course, you could always have their lunch for breakfast; it’s 3.00 PM somewhere, right?