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6 Local Must-Visit Farmers’ Markets in Cairo

Cairo Flea Market CSA Farmers’ Market Farmers Market Galleria40 Nun Center Osana Farmers’ Market Zamalek Market
6 Local Must-Visit Farmers’ Markets in Cairo
written by
Nelly Ezz

Farmers’ markets are popping up all over the capital and showing off the best produce our local fields have to offer! The fruits and vegetables you buy at the farmers’ markets are the freshest and tastiest because they are brought directly to you from the source without needless transport and storage. So while shopping from supermarkets might be more convenient and accessible, the occasional trip to a farmers market near you is one of the best ways to connect with where your food comes from.

Who knows, you might also find some hidden local artisanal goodies that might not be available in your neighbourhood supermarket. Here are a few farmers’ markets that take place regularly in Cairo – pass by if you’re feeling like having a different shopping experience!

  1. Osana Farmers’ Market

Osana Family Wellness is a hub that wholeheartedly believes in an alternative and holistic way of living, going back to basics with workshops, classes, activities, and much more. This villa in Maadi has an in-house cafe and hosts occasional events, and one of these is their weekly farmers’ market. They hold their markets on Fridays where many like-minded people meet to shop for artisanal goodies and unique products.

  1. Nun Center

This holistic health and wellness centre is the “It place” for self-awareness workshops, yoga classes, and many other fun activities for kids. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, they hold a farmers’ market from 10 am – 2 pm in the garden of their centre in Zamalek. You can usually find fresh, organic fruit and vegetable vendors. You can also get your hands on some delicious homemade jams, extra virgin olive oil, and many more handmade goods, organic body-care products, dried fruits, and fresh-cut flowers.

  1. Zamalek Market

This market is usually held on Saturdays in one of Zamalek’s hidden streets. They are also a cooking and crafts studio – which is great news because their seasonal farmers’ markets can sometimes last up to 2-3 days with great vendors and activities for all the whole family to enjoy. Stock up on farm-fresh produce, homemade pickles, handmade ornaments, and many more at their weekly pop-up!

  1. CSA Farmers’ Market

The Community Services Association (CSA) has long been a significant support to the multicultural community of Egypt, from holding weekend events to farmers’ markets and diverse classes for dance, meditation, and even Muay Thai. Pass by their weekly farmers’ market on Thursday to shop for anything from freshly baked goodies and raw honey to Christmas trees and plants.

  1. Galleria40

Galleria40 in Sheikh Zayed hosts a monthly farmers’ market that offers different varieties of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, baked goods, cheese, dairy, and eggs. This market is typically held over the weekend from Thursday to Saturday in front of the mall’s food hall. This event is usually announced on Facebook, so keep tabs on the timings and dates in the events section.

  1. Cairo Flea Market

The Cairo Flea Market by the Wasabi Experience is a seasonal market that was almost always held in Zamalek’s Fish Garden. However, during Covid-19, the location changed to the Walk of Cairo, Sheikh Zayed. This flea market is a place to find absolutely everything, from local jewellery crafts and sustainable tote bags to gluten-free goodies and fresh organic produce. You can find new items or pre-loved used items as well!