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6 Vegan Alternatives to Your Everyday Items

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6 Vegan Alternatives to Your Everyday Items
    written by
    Nelly Ezz

    Abstaining from animal products can be a challenge, and if you are a lifelong meat-eater, it is hard to know where to start. The availability of specialised vegan products in Egypt was more or less non-existent a few years ago. You had to go back to basics with vegetables, nuts, legumes, and fruits. However, during recent years, more and more companies have begun to adapt and create brands and products that suit vegetarians and vegans alike. Here are a few brands to look for whenever you’re shopping for some vegan alternatives.

    1. Juhayna (Non-Diary Milk)

    Non-dairy milk is essential because milk goes in coffee, cereal, baked goods, and even cooking. Juhayna offers almond, coconut, soy, hazelnut, and oat milk, ranging from around 50 LE per litre. You can find them online or in any supermarket near you.

    1. Fuel (Non-Diary Milk and Nut Butter)

    Another local plant-based brand that serves up non-dairy milk, different kinds of nut butter, and juices joins the list. They have oat, cashew, coconut, hazelnut, and almond milk on offer alongside their selection of butter and oils. You can order from Fuel online through their website.

    1. Grazel (Vegan Chocolate)

    Being vegan doesn’t mean you can’t have chocolate! Grazel is a local company that makes vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free dark chocolates. You can find them in specialised supermarkets like Greenolic and El Market, or you can order straight from their website.

    1. Violife (Vegan Cheese)

    Cheese is indispensable; giving up cheese means giving up many things like pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, and lasagna. Violife is a Greek brand that came to the rescue with its wide selection of cheeses, just like the real deal. You can find their mozzarella cheese blocks, cheese slices, creamy spreads, and more in various flavours – all of which are lactose, gluten, dairy, soya, nut, and preservative-free. Violife products can be found in supermarkets like Gourmet and Bestway.

    1. Kaju (Vegan Ice Cream and Dessert)

    Everything Kaju creates is made without gluten, dairy, soy, or sugar. In addition, their kitchen is plant-based and celiac-friendly. Their main attraction was ice cream, but their products widened to desserts, cheeses, burgers, and pizzas. Their ice cream flavours are to die for; Golden Chai, Coco Vanilla, Matcha, Ginger, Pistachio, and more. Check out their wide selection of Keto-friendly products and more on their website, where you find their partner retailers’ information too.

    1. El Torr (Vegan Meat)

    We all know Beyond Meat by now, but here’s a cheaper local alternative for you to try. El Torr is a local brand that started as an all-meat brand offering flavoured beef jerky for the first time in Egypt.  Now, El Torr is a brand that even has a restaurant to complement it. They expanded with many other products, and one of these ranges is vegan alternatives. You can find their vegan burgers, sausages, kofte, and even frozen hawawshi for under 100 LE in supermarkets – talk about a bargain. If you can’t find them in supermarkets near you, call their hotline 16685 for delivery.