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9 Local Brands That Will Help You on Your Next Shopping Spree

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9 Local Brands That Will Help You on Your Next Shopping Spree
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Luxury brands are so yesterday, and local brands are the new trend! It’s time to find the luxury in all that is local. While it’s always been about those Valentino shoes and that Louis Vuitton bag, who said there aren’t alternatives that are as chic and trendy as those big names (minus the huge price tag, of course)? We’ve compiled a list that will help you on your next shopping spree.


Unty is known for its casual look. All their products are designed and made in Egypt. While their website’s default setting lists prices in Euros, as they ship to Europe, you can most definitely change that setting and ask to see prices in EGP.


Zhivago leveraged their many years of sole production experience to manufacture trendy and comfortable footwear, and focus on bringing high-quality products to the market.

IZZY Apparel

IZZY is a sportswear apparel brand that promises high Egyptian quality items for both men and women. This brand has spread widely; they already have two stories, and they are currently developing a website.


Psych is a daring local brand. They have amazing hoodies for men, women, and children.


Opio targets women on-the-go who want to look fashionable and effortless simultaneously. Their outfits are also made for day and night, and their prices are quite affordable. A cut-out sweater could cost 349 EGP, which is quite a deal.


Clothes are cool and everything, but what about a customised towel or bathrobe? This brand offers 100% Egyptian cotton towels with whatever design you want. Towels and bathrobes range from 75 EGP to 450 EGP


What’s better than an everyday bag that can stand the test of time? Palma is an e-commerce brand that found their inspiration from artisans originating from Sinai and Aswan. Prices range from 400 to 700 EGP, depending on the type of bag; shipping is free.


C I V V Y stands out with its selling prices. Their products bring out the little shopaholic inside all of us.

Shafiaa El Wakil Jewellery

When it comes to silver accessories, Egypt is known for its quality. This local brand brings your imagination to life.