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‘Buy it Chilled’: Almarai’s Latest Campaign that Ensures You Get the Best out of its Products

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‘Buy it Chilled’: Almarai’s Latest Campaign that Ensures You Get the Best out of its Products
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    Images via Almarai

    Summer is not over yet, and some days, the heat is so excruciating that as soon as you get home from your grocery shopping trip, you discover that some items have gone bad, or lost their freshness, at the very least. The damage always happens to meat, poultry, and dairy products, especially yoghurt products.

    We’d call it our lucky day, because dairy products brand, Almarai, has launched a new campaign named Buy it Chilled. The campaign shares a round of tips and tricks that will help us avert future issues by ensuring we get the ultimate fresh taste from its range of quality yoghurts.

    While we always make sure we get the closest production date to the day of purchasing, Almarai’s Buy it Chilled campaign draws our attention to several other factors that we need to bear in mind to get the best out of its trusted products.

    The first thing to look for is to check whether the vendor’s fridge is working correctly or not, by making sure that the displayed products are cold. And of course, never buy a product that is not inside the fridge. This brings us to another point; double-check that the cap is still intact. One last thing, which we always tend to forget, is checking the expiry date.

    However simple and obvious these tricks are, we never take the time to look closely at the things we buy. Next time you head to the supermarket, or your local vendor, make sure you tick all the boxes of the checklist mentioned above when purchasing Almarai’s products.

    Buy it Chilled guarantees you a healthy product for you and your family, which also comes with the perks of enjoying Almarai standards of deliciousness and freshness at its best.