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Coffee Shops in Cairo that Deliver to Your Doorstep: Whole Beans, Ground, Turkish, or Flavoured ‎

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Coffee Shops in Cairo that Deliver to Your Doorstep: Whole Beans, Ground, Turkish, or Flavoured ‎
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Dina Mokhtar

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Whether you take your dose the Turkish way or the American, one thing all coffee lovers agree is that we can get through the darkest of hours with a proper cup of coffee. Here’s a list of coffee shops that deliver those magical beans to your doorstep in all varieties.

Shaheen Coffee:                     

You can order coffee through the brand’s website, or call the hotline 19180. Shaneen Coffee has an extensive range of coffee products to suit all tastes, including accessories, coffee pods, as well as a special section on the website where Turkish coffee lovers can tailor their own blend.

Brown Nose Coffee:

Located in El Bahr El Azam Street, Brown Nose Coffee offers a wide range that you can check and order through the website. Coffee bags come in two weights – 250 gm and 500 gm – and you can also choose the grind that suits your taste, including V60, espresso, French press, cold brew, filter machine, or Moka pot. You can also buy a bag of whole beans and grind it the way you want it.

Call 01005552299, or buy online through the website.

Social Specialty Coffee:

Social Specialty Coffee’s website offers Aeropress machines and thermal tumblers (I don’t think we need the latter now, but we thought we’d let you know). You can select the bag size (250 or 500 gm) and your grind of choice, including French press, Aeropress, Chemex, and V60 compatible grinds, as well as cold brew or whole beans.

Seelaz Coffee:

Seelaz offer a range of readymade packs that cover all tastes; espresso, Arabic, Greek, Turkish, French, American, Torino (a blend of coffee, chocolate, cinnamon, and creamer), in addition to hazelnut-flavoured coffee. Check and shop the brand’s selection on Facebook, or call 1007100059.

 Al Fayrouz Coffee:

Al Fayrouz Coffee offers quality fair-trade coffee beans which you can order through the brand’s Instagram account, or WhatsApp 01212045454.

Orouba Coffee:

The renowned coffee house delivers through, where you can choose from a long list of products, as well as add extra spices from the brand’s available selection. You can also call the Heliopolis branch on 24180644, or the one in Dokki on 33386143.


Of course, we can’t speak about coffee places without mentioning Nespresso; shop your favourite Nespresso blend through the website.

Abu Auf:

In addition to Abu Auf’s wide spectrum of products, the brand offers a range of coffees that come in many flavours, roasts, and grinds; from Turkish, Arabic, and French, to espresso, and even green coffee.


Owned by Misr International Coffee Company, Katzala now delivers to your doorstep. No matter what your favourite cup of coffee, Katzala has something for you; be it medium or dark roast, Turkish, filter coffee, espresso. The brand also has Nespresso-machine compatible capsules.

Place your order through a message on Facebook, Instagram, or call on 01281332500.


Offering more than just coffee, the coffee shop delivers a range of Home Coffee Experience kits that vary between the Basic (500LE), and the Professional (1350LE), which come with handy gadgets that will take your coffee-making skills up another level.

Speaking of which, you can receive these gadgets for free when you subscribe to either 2 kg or 4 kg of coffee, or you can buy them on their own from the website which also has medium roast ground of whole bean coffee on offer.

Other coffee-related products are also available on the website, including flavoured syrups, ceramic mugs, and non-dairy milk (almond milk and oat milk).

Villa Sumatra Coffee Company:

The brand offers filter, and espresso coffee in kilo, or 500 gm packs, in addition to a kit that comes with a French press (350LE). Order through the brand’s website


Overjoyed that Starbucks now delivers? Wait until you learn that you can also shop their range of whole bean coffee through Otlob.


Caribou’s coffee blends menu includes decaf, espresso, Colombian, Sumatran, French roast, mocha java, and obsidian. Check the whole lot on the brand’s Instagram account – the highlight stories section. Also, the brand has a range of coffee gadgets on offer, including French press (182.5LE), siphon (1596LE), and mocha pot (553LE). You can order with a message on WhatsApp 0128 3548889.


The Bakery Shop Offers three options; D2 – dark drip coffee that is a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans (185LE), R2, which is made of Arabica beans (195LE), and L2, the decaffeinated option (195LE). Order through Otlob, or call 16679