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Egyptian Brides-to-Be, This Is How You Can Do Some Good on Your Wedding Day

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Egyptian Brides-to-Be, This Is How You Can Do Some Good on Your Wedding Day
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    The mark to doing genuine good does not essentially lie in the monetary value of what you are giving; it lies in the qualitative personal value of what you are giving. While giving away excessive food and/or money is always welcome (so long as it results in a full net gain for the sake of charity) giving something of high personal value to you just means more. Consider, for example, a rich individual giving away 10, 000 EGP, and a much less well-off individual donating the same amount, or a woman donating her hair to cancer patients. Surely, the latter cases have a very unique value tied to them.

    During Ramadan, we are all exposed to several ads which aim at encouraging people to donate to a wide variety of causes and organisations, with many celebrities and well-known cover girls participating in these ads. That being said, it’s very easy to just gather a bunch of cash, dump it on a fancy project and then leave, without caring to understand what such donations can actually do and/or how much they can change someone’s life.

    Looking to do some good this Ramadan, Kinda Alloush has just put her wedding gown up for sale. Alloush will later donate the total amount of profit to more than one charitable organisation. The actress has recently posted a picture on her official Instagram account with her wedding dress, explaining her gratitude for all those who worked on this piece. Additionally, Alloush described how hard it is to give away something as near and dear to any woman’s heart as a wedding gown.

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    يمكن صعب نفرط بالأشياء الي مرتبطة عنا بذكريات جميلة وغالية وخصوصي فستان العرس بس اذا كان في ناس رح تستفيد من تمنو فحيصير لهالذكرى معنى أقيم.. فستان زفافي الي كان بتوقيع المصمم المبدع @hassidriss_official معروض حالياً للبيع عند @weavinggraceegypt لأي حدا مهتم بانو يشتريه.. ورح اتبرع بسعرو لأكتر من جهة خيرية وهالشي حيكون بعلم الشخص الي حيشتريه #Repost @weavinggraceegypt فستان زفاف الجميلة كندة علوش الان معروض للبيع ب @weavinggraceegypt بالزمالك لفساتين الزفاف و السهرة٠ ستتبرع كندة بالعائد المادي للفستان لجمعيات خيرية فستان من تصميم: @hassidriss_official We don’t usually work with pre- owned bridal dresses, but when it’s for Charity it’s something else. Currently on display and for sale at @weavinggraceegypt for evening and bridal wear in Zamalek @kindalloush’s wedding dress. Designer: @hassidriss_official All proceeds go for a charitable cause, close to Kinda’s heart. .

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    The gown is designed by the magnificent Lebanese designer – HassIdriss – and is on display at the moment at Weaving Grace Egypt, where it will be available for any upcoming bride willing to buy it, and simultaneously do some good by giving back to the community.

    Here you go gals! Go check the post on Instagram and Facebook and, for more inquiries regarding the gown, don’t hesitate to contact the atelier by calling 0106 6993860, or hit their space up in Zamalek. Cheers to all you upcoming brides, and a special thank you to that one queen-of-hearts bride who is willing to sacrifice on her big day and wear a dress that the entire world has already seen, just for the sake of charity.