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Interior Designers and Studios to Hire in Cairo

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Interior Designers and Studios to Hire in Cairo
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Nada Medhat

Moving to a new place or renovating your current home can be a huge hassle. But, it’s a natural part of the process, with multiple complex situations occurring at the same time. Of course, it could be less of a hassle with a professional interior designer who knows what they’re doing. In Cairo, you are not short of choices! Here are our picks for the best of the best! 

Eleven Design Studios

As one of the country’s biggest and most professional interior design studios, Eleven Design Studios offers a wide range of services that encapsulate most, if not all, of whatever you need. These range from a complete A to Z revamp or just finishing services, depending on what the client desires. Otherwise, the studio also offers on-site consultations for busy homeowners that include review samples to save us from having to visit multiple places for different products. 

You can take a look at their previous work here and here

Mo Designs & Pines

Having merged relatively recently, both Mo and Pines designs were highly professional individually-run studios that combined their passion for architecture and design. Since then, the merger has only heightened that sense of professionalism. The studio is focused on interior design and finishes, furniture design, architecture, and exhibition design. Also, it always has offers to create a better environment for affordability.

Have a look at some examples of the work here

Yasmina Makram

With her studio in Zamalek, Yasmina Makram has been establishing a strong reputation in interior design since 2016. With a powerful vision grounded in nature, her work is highly influenced by the sun, sea, sand, and greenery. Detail-oriented, the designs are both modern and traditional, continuously straddling the line between beauty and practicality. Yet, the studio advocates and encourages a client-led philosophy where the clients’ wants and needs are prioritised above all else. 

You can see some of the studio’s work here

Youmna Eltally

Youmna Eltally is another powerful rising talent in the business and art of interior design. With a sleek, elegant signature style, Eltally is a freelance interior designer with an impressive command of space in interior and exterior looks. 

You can check her work here and here.