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Park Mall at Porto New Cairo: The Latest Addition to Cairo’s Shopping ‎Destinations ‎

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Park Mall at Porto New Cairo: The Latest Addition to Cairo’s Shopping ‎Destinations  ‎
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If you ask avid shoppers, whether men or women, you will probably find out that shopping, for them, is no simple activity. It’s more of a hobby, a luxury, or even a sport that they enjoy. To ensure an enjoyable shopping experience, a shopping destination needs to gather whatever a proper shopper is looking for, which brings us to Park Mall.

Porto New Cairo’s newest creation, Park Mall, steps in to provide a memorable shopping experience for all shopaholics out there. Cairo’s latest shopping destination in Porto New Cairo, invites you to bask in the countless extravagant retail stores, and to try an unforgettable entertainment and dining experience.

Its soft opening took place on the 10th of October, where the one and only DJ Rodge put on an epic show and a night to remember, not to mention the massive coverage that documented the whole event. Some anticipated surprises were also revealed, such as the venue’s unique pop-up shops and food booths that cater to all tastes.

The facilities in Park Mall are endless, so let’s take a few examples out of a sea of services. If you need to make one of your weekly grocery runs, why not pass by its hypermarket, where everything you need is close at hand. When it comes to entertainment, Park Mall offers a state-of-the-art movie theater, where you can catch the latest releases. Both are opening sooner than you think, so stay tuned by following Porto Group and The park Mall on Instagram.

Of course, we can’t forget our essential cup of coffee that you can drink while enjoying a breathtaking scenery that boasts greenery, a water fountain, and a lake. Finally, for an intensive and healthy workout, check out their Smart Gym, supplied with all the latest machines and technology.

Stop by Park Mall in Porto New Cairo as soon as possible, and enjoy a shopping experience like no other!