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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2017: Designer & High-End Fashion

The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2017: Designer & High-End Fashion
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Cairo 360

Cairo has never been thought off as some kind of shopping hub – in fact, if you want to talk about New York, London and Milan, then Egypt’s capital is in another world in that respect.

But what Cairo is beginning to share with those cities is its growing awareness and passion for high-end fashion. You can see this in annual events like Cairo Fashion Festival, the emergence of agencies such as Maison Pyramide and even in the increasing number of Cairenes becoming a little more daring in their own personal fashion.

Fashion trickles down and so many of the passing trends inevitably spread to all kinds of shopping outlets. But in this category of the Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Award, we pay tribute to the places that lead the charge in bringing the best of fashion from across the world, supporting the growing local fashion scene and offering it all in premium shopping experience – and yes, shopping is an experience.

50A Concept Store

One of Zamalek’s most popular contemporary boutiques, offering a pleasing range of showstoppers,, while also housing the kind of piece of clothing or accessory you can wear any day of the week, at any time of the day.

Boho Gallery

An avid supporter of local fashion, Boho Gallery quickly made its mark as one of the best platforms for showcasing the increasing creativity of local Egyptian artisanship.

Maison 69

Filling the shoes of the deceased Amuse, Maison 69 has taken a unique, warehouse-like space and turned it into one of the most unique boutiques in the region, while offering a huge range of equally unique men’s and women’s fashion.

Villa Baboushka

As one of the most enduring boutiques in Cairo, Villa Baboushka that has been a centre for high-end fashion in Cairo seven years and holds a unique old-money elegance.

Vintage Boutique

Offering an edgier take on fashion than some of its Zamalek neighbours, Vintage Boutique has an old soul, but a rebellious heart.

Orange Square

Let’s just be up-front about this – men are a little short-changed in Egypt when it comes to fashion that combines quality and variety. It’s certainly getting better, but few places offer those two characteristics, in addition to fantastic, personable service, like Orange Square.

Abn’G World

While you can find a little bit of everything at AbnG world, the quirky and colourful Zamalek shop’s clothes, accessories and jewellery is what makes it truly stand out.


There are some fantastic shops and boutiques on this list, but there’s nothing quite like Beymen. The Turkish department store chain’s fashion and accessories present Cairo with the most lavish and luxurious shopping experience around.

Mounaya Gallery

Still something of a hidden gem, despite having a steadily growing fan base, Mounaya Gallery is the shop you go to when you’re looking for something truly unique.

Sami Amin

Popular with both locals and out-of-towners, Sami Amin continues to be one of the best options for versatile leather accessories with a personality.


Tuya, too, has come to be known for its quality leather goods, offering a range of bags and accessories that are simple and chic, with a quality finish.

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