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Egypt to Host a Short Film Contest During the 2019 African Nations Cup

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Egypt to Host a Short Film Contest During the 2019 African Nations Cup
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Cairo 360

Egypt hosting the 2019 African Nations Cup is not really breaking news. Of more relevance today, however, is the fact that Egypt will launch a short film competition during the 2019 African Nations Cup, with the intention of indirectly promoting tourism.

We’ve recently become first-hand witnesses to the recent surges in Egypt’s tourism industry, and we’ve been telling you, our loyal readers, all about it! Indeed, it seems that now – more than ever – the eyes of the world are opening to Egypt’s true beauty, with footage of our beloved country going viral and people choosing to travel to Egypt to capture the country’s breathtaking scenery and behold its rich history and culture.

Speaking of showcasing Egypt’s beauty to the world, here are the rules and regulations surrounding the aforementioned short film contest:

  1. The films entered for the competition should aim to show the positive aspects and cultural images of the capital. 
  2. Winning films will be screened in main streets and squares on large display screens.
  3. The total prizes of the competition are worth LE 45, 000 ($2,609).
  4. Submissions will be evaluated by a jury of professors from the Faculty of Applied Arts and Academy of Arts of the Higher Institute of Folk Arts.
  5. The films presented should in high-quality HD, taking into account the clarity of the sound as well as image. Additionally, all the scenes should be original and never published before on the Internet.

We can’t wait to watch all these movies and view the beauty of our country from a wide array of artistic perspectives!