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Ismailia’s Mango Festival: Everything you Need to Know

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Ismailia’s Mango Festival: Everything you Need to Know
written by
Nada Medhat

So far, 2022 was a year full to the brim with continuous overwhelming events that we’ve barely even gotten the chance to catch our breath. We’re thinking of ways to wind down and relax, and we’ve come across the perfect summer activity to indulge in! Coming this August is an event that celebrates the mother of all Egyptian summer fruits; mango. In particular, we’re celebrating the first round of the Ismailia Mango festival. Yes, this is a thing!

Taking place on August 19 and 20, the nearby city of Ismailia will be holding the magnificent mango festival that it has been preparing for all season – for multiple years actually, nearly a decade. With the expectation of multiple Egyptian ministers to show up, the organisers have big dreams for the events; they aim to become a worldwide festival to be celebrated in the near future. 

To shed light on the beauty of Egypt, as well as the importance of its agriculture – with the focus on its famous mango harvest, of course, a big aim of the event is to spread the exportation of Egyptian mango, which in turn would lead to a bigger investment in bigger harvests, resulting in bigger land extensions and more farming jobs in the coming years. All of this while also inviting tourists, both Egyptians and foreigners, to explore another part of Egypt. 

The event will start at 5.00 PM on Thursday, August 19 with a parade of mango-shaped cars. Majorly decorated, the parade will start in Mohamed Ali street, one of Ismailia’s most famous, up to Area Number 6. They will have open windows, where they’ll be selling to the public with retail cost. Not only this, there’ll also be a performative carnival, as well as a selection of entertainment activities.

Additionally, as the parade ends by 6.00 PM, a small exhibition/bazaar will start at 6:30 PM up until 10:30 PM at El Gulf Club. Simultaneously, a full exhibition of Ismailia’s mango, including all types of mango that came from the harvest this year, will take place in The Open Market in the Public Park of Ismailia. 

The invitation is an open one for the public, but take note that the retail-price only is available in selectable areas, namely: El Ghaba Neighbourhood/area, El Salam Neighbourhood, The Fairouz Club, and El-Sheikh Zayed Park.