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Moghamrat: Travel, Growth, and Fun

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Moghamrat: Travel, Growth, and Fun
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Children need a healthy outlet for their energy, preferably one that allows them to learn something along the way, and this is exactly what Moghamrat (Adventures Academy) is all about. They organise trips especially curated for kids, allowing them to learn and have fun, all in a safe way.

The Heliopolis based company organises trips all over Egypt. Using scientific methods, these trips have activities specifically designed to build children’s self-esteem, teach them values such as cooperation, respecting the elderly, as well as independence. These character-building activities are all part of the fun as well, so your children will not keep asking you to go back home.

Moghamrat trips take up the whole day. You bring your child over to their headquarters in the morning, and they take care of them all day, until you come back to pick them up in the evening. Don’t worry, your children will be safe as they will be the responsibility of qualified individuals, well-versed in dealing with children in different situations.

We tried out a bunch of Moghamrat trips, and we were delighted with the experience at Fagnoon in Giza, Wady El-Rayan in Fayoum, and Wadi Degla in Maadi. The staff are wonderful, they understand the psychology of children and know exactly how to deal with them. We were delighted to see how comfortable the busses were, not to mention discounts for early bird payments.

Their attention to detail help them take note of any specific medical notes you may have for your child. They can give them medication at required times, or make accommodations for their specific health conditions.

One of their very interesting projects is the Moghamrat Academic Program, a program which includes trips with character-building goals. It allows the child to go out, have fun, and try different activities, as well as improve their leadership skills and program solving abilities. Aside from their general trips, some programs are more focused on helping kids develop certain technical skills: hand craftsmanship, painting, colouring, and more.

Most of their trips are one-day events, but they have multiple day trips as well. If you want to know more, check out their Facebook page. You can also call them on 01122688268, or go to their branch at 18 Obour Buildings, Salah Salem.