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WATCH: Just a GoProer & Coucla Refaat Have a Message for the World, From the World

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WATCH: Just a GoProer & Coucla Refaat Have a Message for the World, From the World
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When was the last time you found yourself lost in time, mindlessly scrolling through social media outlets? How do you feel when doing so? We bet that you get some laughs from all the jokes you see online, but you also get to see what’s new with your friends and other people in your circle.

While that’s all fine and dandy, the problem is when these posts start affecting you negatively. The concepts of young money, overnight sensations, and booming startups have taken over our minds. We feel that a whole lot of people have become exactly who they want, that our friends are going out every night and enjoying life while we’re sitting here scrolling through their success. But have you stopped to think about the immense effort that such “overnight” sensations have had to put in over the years? The compromises they had to make? Have you thought about the fact that no one posts about their bad nights on social media, just the really good ones, and in the best light –with the best filter- too. The composed, successful, self-aware people you see on social media may not always be what they seem. Perhaps, underneath it all, we’re all still trying to figure ourselves out.

That’s the message that Mazen Yassen (the man behind Just A GoProer) and Coucla Refaat, photographer and founder of FirstCurls Baby Photography tried to send to the world. They were both invited to the World Youth Forum in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, and decided to use this platform to send a very important message to the whole world, from the whole world.

The World Youth Forum brought together almost 5,000 inspiring figures from all over the globe, 163 different countries to be exact. What better platform to talk about connection and communication than an event attempting to bring the youth of the whole world together? The result was a beautiful video, featuring people from different regions of our planet, all discussing the same idea and sending a message to anyone facing self-doubt.

You’re not alone in this world, the people around you share your feelings of anxiety and self-doubt, thanks to social media. In other words, we’re all fighting similar battles, just from different regions of the world. After all, #WeRallinThisTogether.